Blogs, Tumblrs, and Other Things I've Been Following Internet Wise

Here's a list of things I find interesting on the World Wide Web, along with a small summary of each site.
1. Humans of New York- Awesome guy takes pictures of awesome people. Everyday. In New York. Touches my heart on a weekly basis.
2. Urban Outfitters Blog- Music, art, clothing, and amazing things you need to know about. Has taught me about comics (I MUST READ SCOTT PILGRIM NOW), tie-dying, music festivals, and a couple of these cool websites. I love UO.
3. Rookie- Amazing writers, good content for teenage girls, and so many DIYs and good articles that it makes my heart flutter a bit.
4. Free People Blog-Nice DIYs, interesting recipes, and good fashion advice for hipsters.
5.A Beautiful Mess- Cool photo shoots, recipes, DIYs, and home improvement ideas. Pretty cute.
6.The Useless Web- Takes you somewhere useless but very entertaining. My favorite site is the lady eating apples because I make her move creepily.
7.Emergency Compliment- One of the best pick me ups. Besides, you know, Starbucks or a cannoli.

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