Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye Mr. Hummus

I may have a problem. But I love hummus.
And when they were handing out donuts and candy, and made a joke about bringing and hummus and crackers next time when I didn't eat the sugary products, I felt bad that they just didn't understand and enjoy your beigey goodness.
But maybe it's just your texture.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Inspiration (I forget if this is the third or second one)

There's always something new that you find on the internet...
This really stood out to me.
Jeffrey Campbell Lita All-Over Spike Heels Boots
I love these shoes so much! I included them in a school project about me one time.
WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? Okay, this really isn't inspiration, BUT STILL!
free people lost in tokyo
Effie Trinket. Just Capital Couture.
I love fall...
AND SKYFALL OF COURSE! I love the colors, the atmosphere, the costumes, EVERYTHING in these scenes.
So yeah. That's it for today. See you around.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Does the Google +1 Mean?

Am I the only person who doesn't know? This just confuses me.
Sorry I really didn't have time for a post.

(Doc Martens Website)

Friday, September 27, 2013


What is this?
I don't really know. It was just stuck in my mind. Yesterday was weird and I felt different, and at the end, alive.
Really, I have no idea what was going on in my head.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Message For the Kids in My Band

Yaaaaaay happiness!

My Old Blog

So when I was in sixth grade, we used this program called Moodle a lot. Along with  school assignments, it allowed you to create a profile and use this sort of texting function (on the computer), which everyone thought they were so cool for using. Anyways, you could also have a blog, and I did, and I totally forgot about it until I had to restart using Moodle again for my one class. And look what I wrote...
Tuesday, 6 April 2010, 01:11 PM
Anyone on this site
WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING Ok, I need to tell you this. Today I found a cracker on the ground at recess. I gave it to my friend,          (friend I took out for privacy), and screamed, "NOW YOU HAVE THE CRACKER TOUCH" after the book Diary of A Wimpy Kid "cheese touch." She freaked out and touched another person, who in turn touched another and so on. The touch spread faster than the H1N1 flu. Now a unsuspecting               (kid I took out name of for privacy) has it and he doesn't know. Everyone who already touched the cracker has the vaccine. Good ridance. dead

Yeah. I kept all the posts I made, and while deleting them off my old site, I decided to post the others on a rainy day when I have no other ideas for a post.
It's so weird. I only remember writing the ones about the goldfish.
P.S All the parentheses are added today.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cantaloupe Fail

I tried throwing a rotten cantaloupe into the woods behind my house. Instead, it smashed into my old swing set and exploded.
That is all.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


-for the cast list for the play to come out
-for a time to come when I can go to Chipotle
-to see how I did on my latest AP test
-for forensics to start
-for the time when I can use my flannel sheets
-for the four day week to end
-for meatloaf
-for the craziness of homecoming to be over
-for concert band
-for orchestra
-for a cupcake hat
-for the special time to wear my ugly sweater
-for the time I can start clapping a rhythm and everybody in the same space will do the same

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rambling On Since I Didn't Come up with an Idea For A Post

My cat looked like a puffball today. He was sitting in the yard, watching me, eyeing my movements, making sure nothing random happened. He doesn't really like the cold, but was trying to catch the last rays of summer and its warmth, and ended up just rolling around on the ground. My toes skimmed the wet leaves, and I went to my compost pile, where all the bugs had dug as deep as they possibly could to avoid the chill. On the surface of the compost there was a mixture of rotten summer cantaloupe killed by frost, decomposing grass clippings, and corn husks. Nothing special. The tip of my nose was freezing, and goose bumps appeared on my legs where the shorts weren't covering them. I walked around my house, seeing if everything was the same, at least as it was the last fall. The same trees were turning first as always, the colors in different areas their usual patchwork. Everything was returning to what it had been, and I was comforted by both the smell of fall in the air and the familiarity of it all.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Know...

You know that moment when you hear a song that basically describes one of your favorite books, and then you start thinking about Drop Dead Gorgeous?
Probably not.
But when I heard the song "Beauty Queen" by Foxes, I thought of the book Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, which I love so much I've read it at least 10 times, and was thinking about trying to make it into and HI for forensics, but I knew there was no way in heck that I would be able to cut it down into a 10 minute performance (it'd be like slowly destroying a thousand paper snowflakes). But the book is really funny and campy and girly and honest and girl empowering and OH MY GOSH JUST CLICK ON THE LINK ALREADY!
Yep. I just wanted to share it.
And DDG memes.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

This Video...

This is how I act on a regular basis. I wish I actually had this outfit, because I'd probably do the same thing.
I hope that you too, can be so inspired by your clothing that you make a video like this one. I shall join you on your quest.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Neon Baby Lips Review

Okay, so the real name of this product is Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm, but I can't remember that so I just call it Neon Baby Lips.

Anyways, I needed some new lip balm since I lost my other good one when our car went over a bump and everything in my backpack disappeared into our car. I already heard that Baby Lips worked pretty well from friends, so I grabbed one of the other, non-Electro flavors and an Electro in "Pink Shock".
It moisturizes pretty well, and I like the feeling on my lips. However, I was hoping it'd be a bit brighter and less sheer, but I was expecting something more tinted. It makes my lips look a bit pinker, but not a neon as I was hoping. Maybe I just need to use more coats?
My camera on my phone is pretty horrible,  but it really doesn't show up well on my skin.
On the other hand, a friend of mine, Pearl*, got the 'Fierce n Tangy" color (neon yellow) and said it looked super weird, even though it was supposed to be sheer. I probably wouldn't be the person to get such a color (while she is), but she said instead of a bright yellow, her lips just looked weird and awkwardly pale yellowish-greenish, sort of like an alien. Maybe we're both doing something wrong?
Anyways, I'd like to try the rose colored one sometime soon to see how it looks, as well as the purple one. I'd recommend getting one or two since they work pretty well, and maybe use a heavier hand than I have been using. The originals are good too, and I love my "Cherry Me", which is a bit tinted to make my lips look redder.
So yaaaaaaay that's it! Have a fantastic day!
*Not her real name.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mashed Potatoes

There are three things that I will consume as fast as I possibly can in as few spoon-fulls as I can shove in at a time. Those foods are...
-Nutella (obviously)
As I have probably mentioned before, mashed potatoes are my version of peace food. They're nice, non-threatening mounds of fluffy goodness, filled with butter and starch. Anyone can eat them, unless you're vegan, and then you can just use vegan butter and your choice of non-dairy milk to make them. They're comforting (at least to me), and you can make them how ever you want.
Seriously, one time at a forensics meet I got a portion the size of my head. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! However, I don't recommend the mashed potatoes at your school, because if they are anything like mine, they remind you of a mix of cardboard and wood glue. But maybe your school has amazing food and chefs and you love them.
Share them with your friends, family, pets (well, maybe not the best idea), teachers, neighbors, your enemies (hopefully so they won't be your enemies anymore!), and anyone else.
Just do it.
Yep, all I wanted to say for today.
Actually,this picture really turns me off in the hunger department.
That's what I really wanted to say.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've always loved anchors. Maybe it stems from my love of kayaking and sailing and boats. Or the trips I used to take to Baltimore to see all the ships. Or my love of Popeye as a kid. Or pirates.
But I love the shapes of anchors, and what they can stand for. Maybe it stands for what's holding you back, and you're trying to get past that. Or maybe it's what you hold close to your heart and are connected to, like home. Either way I think they have huge meaning and I'm drawn to them. So this is what happened after I finished my homework yesterday.
Do you have a certain symbol that means something for you? It could be anything, small, big, intricate, simple, powerful, dangerous, anything at all.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Adrenaline. That feeling that starts behind your eyes and spreads throughout your body, coursing through your limbs and into your stomach, around the highways of your brain, and out through quick breaths and excited words. Keeping you awake to the wee hours of the morning, when not even two macchiato last the four hour drive on the way home. An unseen force pushing you to the limits and behind, and when you finally settle down, you don't even remember why. It's an amazing, primal feeling, a power you can't control but is taking over. And once it takes hold of you, you never want to leave.
Just some writing for today. I got bored and was running out of time and I was hyped up on carbs, so.....YAAY!
I'll write more later.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Since it's a bleary Monday morning, I'm going on a gif rampage to cheer myself up.
And hopefully you!
Moo. That's all I have to say.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Video Made Me Laugh

I don't know how I got to this video, but it made me happy (and also sort of sad).
"Don't pretend to know about stuff that you have never heard of before because it will catch up with you" is what I guess is the message.
Also, I know that I haven't been writing as many detailed posts as I usually do, and this is because I'm a bit busy with school and extra-curriculars and life. But hopefully I can get ahead of everything and get back to my regular post length. So whooohooo!
Have a good one.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wordlist #3

You know how it goes... I make these when I need ideas. Or a blog post.
Poodle, chimichanga, change, dollars, flippers, scuba, dreams, crabs, darkness, lairs, straws, droplets, oil, moose, meager, loop, teeth, steak, tigers, hope, peruse, nobody, leaps, parry, shake, rattle, and ROLL!
Yep, I had a day of not being able to think of or accomplish anything.
Hope your day was better.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm On the Run

Not literally, but I've been pretty busy so I haven't been making new posts as quickly as I would want to.
I love every. single. thing. in. this. picture.
Can't wait to try these! Especially the neon pink and rose ones...
Moonrise Kingdom / Gold Digger
H/T @MaryWuliger
This my life.
Indigo yarn, rings
Probably my favorite color of all time.

What more can I say? It's just gorgeous.
That's all I have for today. Keep on living life.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some More Reviews of Thing in My Life

Lady Gaga's Fame Body Lotion
This is part of her fragrance line Fame, which I had heard both good and bad things about. So while I was freaking out and running around T.J. Maxx and admiring its great treasures, I saw this on sale and was like, "What the heck? Let's try it." So I bought it and opened the box and smelled it, and thought it was okay, nothing special. Later, I put some on, and thought it smelled a little bit better. Then I sniffed it later and realized IT WAS AMAZING. I don't wear it everyday, and probably will put it on when I want to smell good for something special, but sometimes I put it on before bed and I sleep better. I couldn't tell you the exact ingredients (that's what Sephora is for), but it's sort of fruity and flowery, but not overwhelmingly so. I just like it.
 FOUR STARS! (Because it's black but disappears when on your skin and that's cool.)
Equate After Sun Cool Lime Spray
So a couple months ago, I went on a mission trip. We rented a van to take down, and on both ways it was filled with girls and all of their crap/food/bottles of drinks. Four days ago, a couple months after our trip, we were cleaning out a room and then a bag was plopped down with things that we left in the van. Along with the usual socks, flashlights, sunglasses and other stuff, I found this. It was unopened, and I was very interested. I actually thought it was sunscreen, but I asked if it was anybody's, then preceded to tear off the plastic and spray it all over myself. AND IT SMELLED AMAZING! It was like a mini tropical vacation, and I continued to spray it around the room and all over until I was satisfied. It now resides in my room, where it waits for another day to be used to bring smiles to everyone it graces
I give it FIVE STARS because of how great it smells and how the sheer randomness of the product and where I found it made my day.
My Swan Pants
I have talked about my swan pants before. They are one of my favorite articles of clothing, but I don't wear them often because a.) I can't wear leggings to school unless I have something to cover my butt and b.) wearing swan pants too often gets you addicted, so that is all you ever want to wear. On the trip to T.J Maxx that I mentioned before, I wore my swan pants so I could get a sweater to cover my butt so I could wear them to school, along with some huge wedge booties that make me feel like Beyoncé in the awesomeness department. I went to pay, and the clerk told me she loved my pants and asked where I got them from (Modcloth). When I wear them I always have a good day, no matter what, and that is just the joy that comes with wearing swan pants. I suggest you get a piece of clothing like them, something you feel great in and get comments on, because no matter what is happening, you'll feel just a little bit better.
Too many stars for me to write down. Sorry.
My Phone
I have no idea the of the exact name of my phone, but we have a love-hate relationship. It drops calls, will send multiples of the same text, dies all the time, and is the exact size that it is easy to loose, but is still clunky-ish to carry around. But if it gets wet, left outside, dropped down some stairs,or left in an auditorium for three days (at least I think), it will still be okay. It will get lost, but it will always return. It may or may not get stolen, but is so horrible and worthless that nobody wants it after they realize it isn't an iPhone so that in the middle of a lecture it will appear out of thin air and crash to the floor, and some child will hold it up and be like, "I FOUND A PHONE!" This is the way it has been, and this is the way it shall be. A relationship full of understanding.
3 stars. That's all I got to say on the subject.
The Orange Halloween Oreos
These Oreos are better than the original. I have no idea why.
2 stars. Oreos make me sick if I eat too many (which happens with the orange ones).
Do you use/like any of these products? Do you agree with me on any of them?
SHARING MEANS CARING! Have a good day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

100th Post

Writing a poem, 'cuz that's what I do.
So many words have come and gone,
ideas thrown into this thing
we call
the world wide web.
Always generating more and more ideas
a giant snowball
tumbling into the future
literally and figuratively.
Do I know where this will take me?
But that's okay.
I can deal
with the fact that I have no idea
of what's to come.
And I even,
just a smidge,
like it that way.
I really didn't think I was going to get this far, or even continue writing after the first twenty posts, but somehow I did it. AND I ALSO FIGURED OUT THE FOLLOWER BUTTON SO IT WORKS!
It's just a great big day of ponies and rainbows, huh?
Oh, well. Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I've Been Listening To Lately (#2)

"Another Way to Die"- Jack White and Alicia Keys
"Crystalised"- The xx
"We Can't Stop- Doo Wop Cover"- Postmodern Jukebox ft. The Tee-Tones
"You've Got the Love"- Florence + The Machine
"Applause"- Lady Gaga
"Youth"- Foxes
"Beauty Queen"-Foxes
"Summertime Sadness"- Lana Del Rey
"Tightrope"- Janelle Monáe
"Gone"- Jeffery Dallas
Check these songs out! Ooooh and tomorrow there is going to be a surprise!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just Being

"It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You're not alone."
-Marilyn Monroe
Sometimes I'm just sitting on the bus with a friend, too tired to do anything in the morning. Sometimes I'm just quiet in class, but I'm around some of my friends. I can go to a restaurant and get a coffee with a relative and just relax, and we don't have to speak. I just like being with people, and even though I don't always want to socialize or be my outgoing self, I can sit in a crowd, on the subway, in orchestra, and just enjoy the fact that I'm around people who care about something.
I just wanted to share for today.
Okay, I got to go.