Friday, August 2, 2013

Places I have Fallen Asleep

This is a weird post, but I started thinking about it, and then I realized there were a lot of places. Here is one of my usual lists.
1. On Boats- For some reason, the combined force of a boat rocking plus the noise of the water sloshing against it knocks me out cold. Not to say I can't tube or water ski because of it, because I do. One time I almost fell asleep on a "white water rafting ride." In my defense (aka why there are quotes), there wasn't a lot of white water.

2. On the Cement on A Piece of Paper Outside a Church- Okay, so I was doing a 30
Hour Famine at my friends church, and the leader went to get cardboard boxes for us to sleep in so we could feel what it was like to be homeless. EXCEPT WAL-MART WAS TOO CHEAP TO GIVE UP ANY BOXES, so we just got pieces of paper that we could lay on. One kid made a duct tape sleeping bag, which was pretty amazing in itself, but you got really sweaty after being in it for a minute. Anyways, we were sleeping outside sort of under a pavilion, and it began to pour so we all got wet. But it was pretty fun.
3. Outside of Bathroom in the Same Church- Continuation of the previous story. After it began to rain, I went inside at two in the morning to get some tea since I couldn't eat/sleep. I got some, drank it, and then went towards the bathroom with a friend since she had to pee. While I was waiting for her, I fell asleep slouched up against a wall, and when I woke up, a bunch of old ladies were staring at me curiously wondering why a random girl in a t-shirt and cargo pants was sleeping outside the bathroom with a Styrofoam cup clutched in her hands.
4. Outside on A Tarp in a Sleeping Bag in My Lawn- I had just watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off with my brother and his friend (because he had never seen it!) and got super hyped up because that's what happens to me after I watch my favorite movie of all time. Then I bugged my mom to let me sleep outside, she said yes after getting over the fear of me being attacked by bears. However, the porch light had to stay on and I couldn't be more than twenty feet away from the house. It was still pretty enjoyable.
5. On Chairs in Hotel Rooms- I'm always afraid that I'm going to whack people in my sleep when I share a bed with them, so I took up sleeping in chairs to avoid this (also I felt better knowing they had their own bed). It was okay when I did it for one night for a forensics trip (the bathtub was kinda icky anyway), but really painful for three nights when I went on a ski trip in Vermont. DON'T DO IT KIDS!
6. On my Super Fluffy Beanbag- Because I was sick and it kept me upright so I didn't choke on my own snot while sleeping. That was not the most beautiful picture. I'm deeply sorry.
 7. In the Tub/Floor of my Bathroom- Since I was sick a lot this year, I was sleeping in the bathroom for a while so I could throw up with out having to move much. I would line the floor and tub with towels, and I would sleep for maybe two hours until I would pull myself to the toilet. Obviously, this is not the post for dainty ballerina-type people. Except ballerinas aren't really dainty because they are made of rock hard muscle and have amazing self-discipline.
8. On my Driveway- It's so warm...and rock-hard. Also the mailman almost ran over me. So did my dad.
9. In my Trunk- Because I wanted to.
10. In a Cardboard Box- My friend and I in fourth grade turned a treadmill box into a house, complete with photos of cats and my award for a pie eating contest. We pretended we were old ladies, and I think my name was Ms. Bubblebutt. Not positive though...
Well, that's what I have for today. I started reading the Scott Pilgrim series, and I'm enjoying it, but I have the urge to color everything since I couldn't afford the color version. I heard the author is writing something new, and I'm pretty excited for that too!
See you later!

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