Saturday, August 31, 2013

That moment when...

Your teacher sees you doing something weird with your friends and starts doing it too.
It's great.
(I colored this magic truck on my little kid program while avoiding homework)
That is all.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lists (An Explanation)

If you've been reading this blog a bit and clicking around, you realize that I make a lot of lists. I usually make lists because I love seeing all the things I like in a specific order that makes sense to me (maybe this makes me sound like I have a problem, but seriously it does).
But when I'm stressed out, I make lists in my head so that when I complete something, it is like an achievement. Usually this helps me keep track of things (homework that needs to be done, books I need, chores, etc.), but today I forgot my AP Gov book in my locker, and my list fell apart. Good thing the assignment isn't due for a little while.
So that is a little chunk of the whole reason I end up making lists. Hope you like them, because if not, you'd better just get used to them.
Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City. Henry Ossawa Tanner.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rushing On

Lashes dip and dive,
scooping up air,
raising upward
as my head tilts back.
A last look over the shoulder,
and I move forward
leaving them and everything else behind.
I don't need what they offer
I only need myself
my hope
my rules
my ingenuity
and everything I am.
I have something
that they never will.
And that is the absoluteness
of being myself.
Again, a distraction from working. I just like writing y'all. Did you like it?

Oh Gawwwsh.

(Sorry I wrote that last night thinking that I wouldn't have time to post in the morning.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today I wanted to talk about my cat Buster, because I couldn't think of anything else. Also, he's been super needy lately.
1. Can't pee in a litter box. He always misses.
2. Has pika. Meaning he eats things that aren't food (i.e photos and plastic and erasers.)
3. Once was in the vets office for a week because he had a mental break down and didn't pee and it just built up until his kidneys were ready to burst.
4. Has a dose of catnip everyday so he doesn't get anxious (also since his medicine was expensive and he got stressed out when we tried to give it to him.)
5. Likes it when I put him in high spaces, such as trees, bookshelves, windows, and swing sets.
6. Sniffs the rear of any cat.
7. Will bite you in the bathroom unless you shut the door.
8. Sits on the toilet and meows at shadows if the lights aren't on in the bathroom.
9. Doesn't like human food. Weirdo.
10. Is the best cuddly cat anybody could have.
So yep, that's him. I included a picture below!
View album
Actually, that's him as a behbeh.
View album
This is when he discovered fire!
Sorry, the picture is very tiny.
So yes, that was my post.
Our Lady of Andalusia. Julio Romero de Torres.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Tuesday...

And I want to see James Bond play croquet. For reals.
It'd be a pretty epic game, similar to Casino Royale. Slow moves, very dramatic.... and then WHAM! He'd become poison and destroy the competition. And then later take out a bunch of goons and the guy in charge with a silencer and possibly destroy a convertible or two.
It'd be great. But I might have to do it myself...
That is all.
Dreamers. Albert Joseph Moore.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Books I Finished Recently

Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat- Francesca Lia Block
Where'd you Go, Bernadette?- Maria Semple
Out of the Easy-Ruta Sepetys
It's Kind of A Funny Story- Ned Vizzini
I liked all these books so much that I finished each one in a day. I read the Dangerous Angels series (about Weetzie Bat) earlier this year and fell in love, and I read the Out of the Easy author's previous book and enjoyed it a lot.
I love reading over the summer, and now I have to reread the book I take a test on for the first day of English. I didn't really enjoy it (A Separate Peace) that much, mainly because I didn't relate and I thought the whole storyline was a tad weird.
But I do recommend the books above, so go ahead a read them!
I was trying to think of books that if you liked them, you should read the ones above, but  I had a hard time, so I will very basically describe them so I don't reveal anything.
Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat- Fantasy/realistic. Hard to explain, but it describes Weetzie becoming Weetzie (leaving behind Louise) and her growing up without her dad, who moved to New York. JUST READ THE SERIES AND THIS BOOK, OKAY? IT'S MAGICAL. Period.
Where'd you Go, Bernadette?- Sort of a mystery, different letters pieced together along with emails, school announcements, and Bernadette's daughter's commentary and thoughts. Interesting set up, I liked the story and plot.

Out of the Easy- Historical fiction. Story of Josie, who's mother is a prostitute, and her hardships along with trying to leave New Orleans and her past behind in 1950. Interesting, and I related to Josie, who is a very smart and tough girl, but has her faults.

It's Kind of A Funny Story- Realistic Fiction. Craig Gilner admits himself to a hospital after he almost kills himself. Describes his stay and how it changes him and his thoughts while interacting with the people in the branch. Very honest, and I liked that.
That's all for today. Catch you later.
Heavy Snowing. Liu Guosong.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm A Bit Agressive

Hey, kids. It's talk-about-my-life-time.
I'm sort if aggressive. Not in the way that you say something behind my back and I'll push you to the ground, but more like I'm so excited and intrigued by almost everything that I end up being over the top.
And while this is a good thing, it can also be bad.
For some reason, in most sports I'm not aggressive at all. But in fencing, I want to win and please my coaches, and I'm excited about learning new tricks to become better. In forensics it's sort of the same thing.
One time, I said "popple" instead of paper in finals. I was so mad at myself that I let my team mate and coaches down that I aggressively sulked about it and felt horrible for the rest of the day. Then there was a fire and we had to leave the building, so it left my mind for a few hours. AND THEN WE WON FIRST, and then I sort of forgot about it.
When I see people I know and love, I will sprint over to them and jump up and down and use my whole body to express how happy I am to see them, instead of using a smile or a simple, "Hey."
I guess the aggressiveness is more like excitement, but it is so extreme and in your face that it either freaks the heck out of people or sort of draws them towards me.
If I had to do debates often in class or even forensics, I think I would explode because I would not be able to keep all my arguments and statements inside of me before I talked out of turn.
I just want to do all the things that make me happy in the best possible way.
So yeah, I like share-care time. Maybe you feel like this? Maybe not.

The Family. Diego Rivera.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


When I need back to school supplies, where do I turn?
Now, many of you are probably like, "I thought that CVS was a drugstore, and didn't have stuff like that."
They've got me covered, with notebooks, pencils, and folders galore, along with back to school beauty products like the grapefruit scrub I mentioned before, and mascara that doesn't bother my sensitive eyes, all for under the amount of money you even have in your pocket! (10 dollars)
Also, they gots de snacks, like baby Haagen-Dazs ice cream containers (sorry my computer won't do the accent) and almonds and those hollow chocolate covered straw thingies that I don't know the name of.

But, wait, you need all that stuff, AND your brother has horrible poison ivy that needs covering! Well, while getting your school stuff, you can grab a couple rolls of gauze or eighty four, and you can be out of there lickety-split and on your way.
You know, if that ever happens to you or something.
They also have those gummy children's vitamins, Skintimate, and all the cheap nail polish you need! It's great!
So get yourself a coupon and head there today. Because, hey, you might see me there as well.
View of Toledo. El Greco.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Once I was in a spider web,
a vortex of light and color,
turning, it sparkled,
rays from some where within.
And it kept turning in my mind,
the colors vibrant, everlasting
for days and days
No water droplets illuminated it,
the sun low in the sky,
uninterested to give up its pleasure.
So real, and only lasting for a moment
Like all  things that come and go.

Color Post! (I guess #1)

So I like colors. Who doesn't, besides the Adams family and a lot of vampires? Well, I guess you could make a case for color-blind people since they have never seen them, but we won't go there.
I feel like green is going to be the color of the season, especially since mint was in during the summer. So I think we'll be seeing a lot of army greens, emeralds, forest green, and maybe even chartreuse. So I felt like filling this post with colors!
Post image for Color Palette Inspiration: Emerald Green, Bronze, and Cream

Blue Greens...

Deep Greens...
Emerald Green Color Palette
And some more emerald!
And we can't forget the art!
The Isle of the Dead. Arnold Böcklin.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I enjoy these too much...

Sorry about this, but I had to let out all the gifs I've been watching.
And they all have Nigel Thornberry in them.
And almost all are Disney!
Doesn't that make you feel better? Maybe not...
The Princess from the Land of Porcelain. James McNeil Whistler.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dark Path

There's a dark path ahead,
and time stands still.
I'm drawn to it
and feel the urge to take a step.
But what happens if I go down this road?
I have no idea where it leads
the people along it
who are they?
The obstacles?
But I see light in the distance.
It spells it out between its starry crossings
and then I know
that I can get through.
Closed eyes
deep breath
and I take my first step
on the dark path ahead.
This was based on a dream I had. Hope you liked it!

Be Real

Okay, this is going to be a rage post so here it goes.
Something that bothers me are the people who don't act who they are. They go with what the people higher than them like, and end up doing what they do, dressing how they dress, basically try to walk the walk the talk and the talk. And I get it if you are a little confused about who you are. Everyone is a little bit poser sometimes, to paraphrase Hip-Hop of MyMusic.
But when you just copy someone almost exactly because you are afraid of showing your true self, that isn't right. Be a good person. Show your real self to people, and in the end, you'll get more respect as long as you are decent and respectful and don't try to use other people. If you love wearing huge sweaters, and the "cool kids" criticize you for it, why should you sacrifice something you love and is part of you for the opinion of other people? You shouldn't. Keep wearing those sweaters and feeling great. Have confidence. Fake it 'til you make.
Really, all I was trying to say, even though it came out a bit weird, is to be yourself and be proud. And don't copy other people, their outfits, their work, or their ideas. 'Cause that is just plain wrong.
End of story.
Portrait of Doña Rosita Morillo. Frida Kahlo.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reviews of Things I Have Tried Recently

I like reviewing things, and when I was younger, I would go onto Barnes and Noble's website and review all of the books that I had just read. I still will go on rages where I review every article of clothing/beauty products I just bought from a website (i.e UO).
But I wanted to just review some stuff I've tried recently, in the category of life.
Lemon Pound Cake Ice Cream
On the way home recently from a nearby state, I stopped with my mom to get ice cream in a small town that I've been to before. Actually, we wanted to go to the café next door to the ice cream place, but it'd just closed (SHOUT OUT TO NIGHT AND DAY CAFE, WHERE THEY HAVE AWESOME EVERYTHING EXCEPT SUNDAY HOURS!). Anyway, we got some ice cream, and I wanted one of the weirder flavors, so I got Lemon Pound Cake Ice Cream. Now, it wasn't vanilla with lemon pound cake chunks, it was lemon ice cream with pound cake pieces and icing swirls. It was okay for the first five minutes, but then it got weird, and I REALLY regretted getting a medium in a waffle cone, which was basically the size of Kentucky. I would give this ice cream 3 stars, but then I take one away because I felt sick after eating it. Also, that was all I ate for dinner.

 Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
I got this a week ago since I had a coupon, and I used it for the first time today. It smells AMAZING, that I actually thought somebody cut open a grapefruit nearby. It feels good on my face, and after using it, I felt pretty clean. Since I haven't seen the effects yet, I'm going to give it four stars for its overall feel.
Amy's Organic Soups: Indian Dal Curried Lentil
I started getting this soup a year ago, and I still love it! Number one, I love all of Amy's foods, and two, this soup is organic and vegan. It tastes really good and my whole house smells like it when I make it in the microwave. It looks sort of weird out of the can, but that doesn't matter and IT'S GOOD FOR THE EARTH! YAAAAAAAY! Five stars!

My Grocery Store
For some reason, when my grocery store finds out I like one of its products, that product disappears months later. These foods include: the hummus I like, my yogurt mango bites, white grapes juice (light), margarita flavored Hola Fruta, a good brand of cheese sticks, my pomegranate lechee green tea, and the soup I just reviewed above.
WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME?!?! No stars, but then I give one for introducing me to all this good food. You win this time...

Oprah Magazine
I'm not in the demographic who reads Oprah. I am a teenager, who gets called a hipster more than once a week. BUT I LOVE OPRAH MAGAZINE! It started showing up at my house once a month for no reason, but then I later learned my mom's friend was getting it for my mom, who didn't really like it. So I took up reading it. They have recipes, beauty tips, outfit ideas, good articles, and enough advertisements to soothe my collaging needs! Oprah is a pretty cool lady as well, and recently they had a whole magazine dedicated to crazy hair, which  made me think of the days when I could suffocate under my hair and couldn't go swimming...... Anyways, I re-read issues all the time, and there's always something new! Four stars!

That's all for today! Get enough sleep and keep believing in yourselves! Because I think I could take up a job as a new revolutionary motivational speaker... or maybe not.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Klimt.

Monday, August 19, 2013


The first person to comment on Meadow Inferno will receive a prize!
Since I have no money, I will draw whatever they would like on either my little kid program, in pencil, or charcoal, as long as it's not inappropriate.
Also, I suck at faces.
That is all.

In the Conservatory. Manet.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Kid Poems

Remember those poems that you'd make as a kid, where each letter in the chosen word would start a description or adjective about the word? I think my childhood was built partly on them. I decided to do a couple.

Making small sounds
Opening space and ideas
Visions appear as if a dream
Erupting even though untouched.
Memories remain of the place before.
Easily beautiful, yet dangerous
Never seen until after
Terminating the idea that came before.

Creating an amazing taste in my mouth.
Has a variety of flavors and types.
Easily one of my favorite foods.
Envelops the pallet.
Struggles to hide in the fridge.
Eagerly I pull it towards me.

Desperately trying to think of something.
Effortlessly, everything leaves my mind.
Remember something, dang it!
Pause is going to last awhile...

The Art of Painting. Vermeer.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Things in My Room

I'm a pretty random person, so I guess I attract random stuff, such as...
1. A Styrofoam Corncob
2. A Yogurtland Pink Spoon
3. Belize and Canadian coins and dollars
4. A Bird's Nest Filled with Polished Stones
5. 6 Pairs of Shoelaces
6. A Ball Made out of the Wax found on Babel Cheeses
7. A Glass Bottle with a Hole in it, A Candle sticking out the Top
8. Two Half-Full Bags of Cupcake Goldfish
9. 2 Empty Hornets' Nests
10. 8 Small Plastic Bags of Wool
AND MORE! But this is all I could think of. Or actually find to check.

Self-Portrait in a brown hat. Rippl-Rónai.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Soundtracks of Movies I Have Been Listening To

World War Z
Romeo + Juliet (The 1996 Version)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mostly action movies...
A Seascape, Shipping by Moonlight. Monet.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poemy Thing

I wonder how long I'll last,
If I'm always looking towards the past,
And as I stare into the setting sun,
I realize all I've done,
Life is too short not to live larger than life,
And only look at the world's strife,
But see the good that's in everything,
The paintings we paint, the songs we sing.
The people we meet who change our lives,
All those meaningful-at-the-time high-fives,
The food we eat, the air we breathe,
Even when our hearts are on our sleeve.
Now run as fast as you can, jump off the ledge,
And don't stop running until you reach the edge.

Guys, I just like rhyming. These are not my best poem skills either. Okay, catch you later.
The White Drake. Joseph Crawhall.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Cat Sat on A Snake (A Very True Story)

Yesterday, my cat Marvin was frolicking outside. He had caught some rodent type animal and ate it, and came to me for approval, to which I patted him awkwardly on the head and said, "Good job." Later, as I was doing my summer assignments on the driveway, I saw him running towards me with something stringy in his mouth. As I got closer, I realized it was a snake, and proceeded to yell, "MARVIN, PUT IT DOWN! WE DON'T EAT SNAKES! THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS!" He dropped it in confusion, and as it tried to slither away unnoticed, he found it again and started batting at it, keeping it held down under one paw. I tried to distract him by moving a stick in the grass, which sort of worked, but in the process he sat on top of the snake.
I wasn't sure of what to do at this point, so I sort of watched this unfold.
Eventually, my other cat Buster came to investigate, and as Marvin got up, the snake was freed.
And it was mad.
[Before we go any further with this story, I would like you to know I identified this snake as non-poisonous in the beginning, and I knew it could fend for itself, so this is why I didn't try to intervene. This was a life experience for Marvin.]
It reared its head and struck near Marvin's paw. He was confused, and being the slightly stupid cat (he's young, we forgive him) he is, he paused, and then reacted.
He smacked the snake on the head.
This is resulted in a basic boxing match between snake and cat, with the snake continuing to strike and Marvin continuing to smack it.
Eventually, Marvin sat on top of it again, and it got away somehow.
So that was the most random event that I have experienced in the last month.
Grevy's Zebra. Andy Warhol.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Tried to Break a World Record Once

Don't know about you, but when I was in elementary school and middle school, the book that everybody cared about was the Guinness World Records. Every year the new edition would come out, and all the kids would flock to the library to check it out and ooh and ahh over the biggest snowman or the most piercings on one face during any free time they had.
One time I decided to try to break a world record. I looked and looked for one that I thought was easy enough to beat, but I couldn't find one. Then I realized that you could make one up and then you could get in the book (or at least that's what I thought).
At the time I had just learned how to play Scrabble, and I decided to use that as the base of my record. So I decided to have the record for most photographs for completed Scrabble games.
And at first I was really excited. I would play just to get the picture, and I would giggle at the number I had (this is in fifth grade, don't judge). But then I realized that a.) how was I going to prove I actually played all these games and b.) some of the words probably wouldn't have passed actual Scrabble rules. So at the ripe age of 11, I stopped.
I think I had like 63 photos.
Anyways, it was pretty fun while it lasted. I've been posting pretty regularly which I'm super proud of. Shout out to Canada from where there was a surge of views on Saturday! Not sure why, but oh well.
Lady with an Ermine. Da Vinci.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pirates vs. Superheroes (and Why I Pick Pirates)

So one day I was looking for something to write about, and one idea that came up was Pirates vs. Superheroes. And for some reason, I immediately picked out the winner.
Yes, I know some of you Marvel and DC fanatics are going to whimper "Whaaaat?" and argue all the way to end of the Internet, but as much as I appreciate the beauty of comics and their movies, pirates are superior.*
1.Pirates aren't perfect.
Superheroes seem to be these perfect beings that do good, help others, and make the right choices, and are generally are awesome. I respect this. But this doesn't really appeal to me because it is something that I will never be, nor anyone else can be, because it doesn't exist. Pirates, on the other hand, realize that they aren't perfect, and accept it and move on with their lives and continue stealing and doing the thing that they do best, being sort of horrible.** And I like that.

2. Pirates aren't beautiful. Nor will they ever be.
When you think of a superhero, you think of muscular, strong, beautiful person who constantly saves the day in their skintight uniforms. Not a person with rotting teeth, questionable hygiene, and is possibly missing a finger, a couple toes, or more often, a whole leg. And again, I like pirates for the self-confidence that they administer while walking around, and if they frighten people, they sort of enjoy it. The only superheroes that I can think of that aren't the example of extreme beauty/handsomeness are The Incredibles, and honestly I loved that movie so much as a kid (and still today), that I saw it three times and theaters and probably 547 times on my TV/DVD player, and have watched all the extras 342 times.
3. Pirates actually existed.
Pirates did at one time sail the seven seas, and still do today. While there are real-life superheroes today, they don't have extreme fame as the ones in the movies, and are usually humble and continue to do good things just for the reason that they are good. The only thing that makes them different from other people is their extreme kindness, decency, and amazingness in tough situations. I guess this is what movies and comics portray, but sorry I'm on the pirates side as I already stated.
4. Loyalty
So since I couldn't think up much on this one for superheroes, I'm just going to go with the side for pirates. While they are pretty awful people, pirates have an extreme loyalty for their captains, and they will almost always follow them to the end of the earth (and in Jack Sparrow's case, his crew actually did). Pirates are also loyal to the ocean, and no matter how much they love to curse her for storms or what have you, they will always return to her, no matter what.
5. Bad Boys of the Ocean
Who doesn't love a bad boy? Maybe that's why I actually just picked pirates. Hmmm...
Well, that's all I have for today. Who do you think is better? Let me know in the comments!
Eye. Harvey K. Littleton. I actually saw this piece at its museum!
*I am not a pirate expert by any means.
**However, I don't respect pirates for the whole raping/pillaging act they put on.