Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Music I've Been Listening To Lately (Numero DOS!)

I've done this before, but I'll do it again since I always could use suggestions on new music (even if my iTunes account has less than a dollar in it right now).
Here are the last ten songs I have bought from iTunes, starting with the most recent.

1.Aviation High-Semi Precious Weapons (THIS IS FOR FREE ON ITUNES RIGHT NOW!)
2.Jungle- Jamie N Collins & X Ambassadors
3.Who Needs You- The Orwells (FREE)
4.Skinny Love- Birdy
5. Chandelier- Sia
6. I'm Only Joking- KONGOS (ALSO GOT FOR FREE)
7. Back Then - Julian Smith for B Story
8. Addicted to You- Avicii
10. Leave My Body- Florence & The Machine

Gotta love all the songs that get stuck in your brain.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Make sure you get off your computer (like I'm going to try to do) and enjoy the outside!
earth day
Also, apparently Earth has a muffin top? (I don't know, it was a headline on MSN...)
Enjoy the day, lovelies!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Sun Shines Again

Literally and figuratively.
I know the last time we spoke, I was in darker mood. But the sun is shining now, and I can feel the warmth on my skin. Sometimes I forget how much weather actually affects how you feel.
But it also helps that I'm on a break from school.
And I'm getting to the point where I'm running out of stuff to do.
Technically it's only day three, but I have already  reread The Outsiders, The Road, and the Dangerous Angels series (all great books, I must add), re-watched a bunch of Bob's Burgers episodes, cleaned my room some, eaten a bunch of candy, and started preparing for a trip in the future (CHICAGO HERE I COME, BABY!).
And when I get there, I'm planning on doing everything Ferris Bueller did.
Minus stealing a Ferrari...
I got a couple of songs on iTunes, and am procrastinating on homework.

(If I could, I'd dance/throw flowers too, my little globe friend)
I'll probably blog again this week, which is super weird since my posts have been sporadic, but I'm excited.
And I could go for some sushi or a Chipotle burrito as well...but that's another matter.
Okay, I'm gonna go now. Gotta wake up early to chuck some soccer balls at my bro and spend another day in the sunshine.
Hope everybody's having a good week and is enjoying the nice weather (and if you still have snow, I send all the warmth and summer vibes/feelz your way.)
Catch you later.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pushing The Day's Limits

Hey y'all.
Just a quick update on me since I know my posting has been next to none.
I've been stressing out a lot lately, and working as much as I possibly can to get school work done correctly and in a timely manner.
So mate has become my new best friend, and I realized how nice and quiet it is at two in the morning.
And while that sounds sort of romantic (at least I think it does), and while I also am sort of strangely addicted to it, I sort of need more sleep.
Also, my face keeps twitching, so that's not a plus.
Hopefully Saturday!
And don't worry about me, I really am fine, I just have these bouts of chaos during this time of the year for some reason.
But I can deal with organized chaos. Perhaps that'll be the title of my memoir, Organized Chaos. Or perhaps after something a teacher told me, Just Under Crazy.
Or something.
ANYDOODLES, I will start writing again, and that makes me happy. Maybe I'll put my sonnet on sporks on here from English class, or a ballad that I'll have to write in the future.
I want mine to be about a police chicken. Hehehe.
Well, gotta fly little ones. I'll write more soon.
(P.S I now have a problem with Tumblr, as in I FIND IT TO BE SOOOOO AMAZING, so if you want to check mine out, it's . Just to let you know. And now this is the true goodbye. Byeeeeee!)