Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'M BACK, BABY (Well not for long)

Whoo, this post is actually going to appear at the time I finish writing it!
It's nice to be back again, even though I had a lot of fun while I was away. I ate gummy bears, preformed a bit, and played A LOT of cards (Black Jack, Mal, Crazy Eights (for points), BS, Rummy, and 31 Knock (which I call something different, but this one girl randomly screamed "KWANZI!" while playing, so that is what we ended up calling it.)
 I painted houses and buildings a lot, played a game in an abandoned school, had a mini photo shoot in a bamboo forest, and sent a dead fish (I named him Swimmy) down the river in the traditional Viking funeral way (except we couldn't light it on fire so we just hummed funeral tunes and Taps).
But I'm leaving again.
Yep, it's back on the road for me. Actually, I was reading On The Road for the majority of the ELEVEN HOUR DRIVE, just for one way.

But anyways, I'm pressed for time, so I might not write something for every day I'm gone. Or maybe I will...
Anyways, I'll have to think of something.
Just wanted  to let y'all know my status and stuff. And basically I like writing to myself.
Oooh, you have to see some of the additions to my Wreck this Journal. These additions magically appeared while I was flopped over like a dead fish and slept on pile of everybody's stuff for two hours after we stopped at a KFC.

But that is for another time.

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