Friday, September 20, 2013

Neon Baby Lips Review

Okay, so the real name of this product is Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm, but I can't remember that so I just call it Neon Baby Lips.

Anyways, I needed some new lip balm since I lost my other good one when our car went over a bump and everything in my backpack disappeared into our car. I already heard that Baby Lips worked pretty well from friends, so I grabbed one of the other, non-Electro flavors and an Electro in "Pink Shock".
It moisturizes pretty well, and I like the feeling on my lips. However, I was hoping it'd be a bit brighter and less sheer, but I was expecting something more tinted. It makes my lips look a bit pinker, but not a neon as I was hoping. Maybe I just need to use more coats?
My camera on my phone is pretty horrible,  but it really doesn't show up well on my skin.
On the other hand, a friend of mine, Pearl*, got the 'Fierce n Tangy" color (neon yellow) and said it looked super weird, even though it was supposed to be sheer. I probably wouldn't be the person to get such a color (while she is), but she said instead of a bright yellow, her lips just looked weird and awkwardly pale yellowish-greenish, sort of like an alien. Maybe we're both doing something wrong?
Anyways, I'd like to try the rose colored one sometime soon to see how it looks, as well as the purple one. I'd recommend getting one or two since they work pretty well, and maybe use a heavier hand than I have been using. The originals are good too, and I love my "Cherry Me", which is a bit tinted to make my lips look redder.
So yaaaaaaay that's it! Have a fantastic day!
*Not her real name.

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