Favorite Things

Since I could be studying and I want food, I decided to make this for fun. Not a real post I guess.

Favorite Color- Mostly blues, since there is such a huge variety (and no one has ever said, "Eww, that is an ugly blue."), but on paper I guess it would have to be chartreuse. Mainly because I like saying chartreuse. But the color is decent as well.

Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts?- Starbucks for sure. But I accept gift certificates to DD because, hey, forensics is at 5 am sometimes and I need a pick-me-up before I get on the bus. I don't live near a Starbucks sadly......

Favorite Ice Skater- I was thinking about this a week ago (I think about a lot of things), and I decided I needed one in case anyone ever asked me. Johnny Weir is it. Especially when he is skating to "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

Favorite Animal- Oh, this is a toughie. Well, I like kakapos, cuttlefish, yeti crabs, pangolins, barn owls, and tiny snakes. And a lot more. So I'm going to go with undecided.

Glasses or Contacts?- Never having been to an eye doctor, I pick glasses. I wear fake ones on occasion. It's great.

Favorite Store- URBAN OUTFITTERS FOR LIFE! Anyone who knows me knows I call it my "homeland". I decided if there was ever a zombie apocalypse I would wait it out there because, hey, they have clothes, some food items, pillows and sheets, and books and music. I would just live there if they needed an art installation actually.....

Season- Fall since it is really pretty with the leaves flying in the air and I love the taste of the air becoming chilly. I sleep outside and wrap myself in my Mexican blanket and sit on the porch and stare at the stars. Dreamy, I know.....

Fruit- Guava.

Vegetable- Butternut Squash. Is this a vegetable? I hope so.....
If not, then cucumbers.

Favorite Food Type- Soup. I eat it when it's zero degrees or a hundred degrees outside. I love all types, especially chowders and chilled soup.

Car Brand- Fiat.

City- PORTLAND FOR EVA! <3 And I never make hearts using a less than sign and a three unless I really mean it.

Ukulele or Banjo?- Ukulele.

Spoon or Fork?- SPORK ALL THE FREAKING WAY! I made a art project dedicated to sporks once.

Reality TV Show- Project Runway. The designer who won this past season was the person I liked the most, but I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet (Hint: He/she is from my favorite city).

Crime Show- Bones. I have the "Cocky" belt buckle button on my backpack.

Favorite Dog Breed- Pit bulls are adorable and cute and smart. Don't care what none of y'all say.

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