Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever listened to a song on your iPod that you've heard maybe a hundred times, but then one day it seems that the tempo is much slower or faster?
This seems to happen to me a lot for some reason.
But sometimes if I start beating out the tempo it will go away, so maybe it's just my brain being weird.
Does this ever happen to you?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cream Post (Color Post 2 or 3 Because I Don't Remember)

When I was little, every time I would get a new babysitter, I would ask them what their favorite color was (this was sort of a test to see how cool they were).
One time this one girl Alicia* said her favorite color was cream. And at first I thought this was stupid. "Isn't that just white?" I asked. And she replied how it was so much more.
While cream probably isn't my favorite color, I've come to appreciate it more now. It's the color of those little butterflies that used to float around my garden, the color of espresso-tinged foam the latte you need to keep you warm and cozy, the color of vintage lace worn by time.
It also sort of reminds me of the holidays, so I got together this montage for all of y'all.
free people november catalog karlie kloss
Modern Romantic Princess. Cream Ivory Mesh Tulle Full Skirt. Summer
Latte foam. Photo by Lene pels Jørgensen
Silk Charmeuse - Cream
Ice Cream Trees
So that's it. Hope everyone has a warm, safe, and happy holiday!
*Not her real name.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I have my coffee, my brother has his snow. They both make us hyper.
Well, at least for a little while.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've probably talked about how much I love the movie Skyfall in at least five posts, but I really liked Sévérine and was pretty depressed when she died. (Sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven't watched the movie yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR ABOUT TWO YEARS? DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK? THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF THE MOST STOLEN OFF OF NETFLIX OR SOMETHING!*)
But one of the most impressive things in the movie is her dress, and I have now watched this video about it 23 times, so I now shall share it with you so you can marvel at its beauty and how it helps express Sévérine as a character.
I hope you like it.
*I think I read this in Time Magazine or MSN or something. But I could have mistaken it with Inception since I love both of the movies almost equally. Don't quote me on this. And don't judge.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clarisonic Face Brush

I just got one and I can't wait for it to massage all my face pores and hopefully it will make my face smooth and soft like the snow  that surrounds me outside.
Okay, that's an overstatement, but I heard that it is amazing, and who doesn't like getting their face all massaged at least once a day?
I'm probably over-excited, but I get really hyper and obsessive about the little things that make me happy in life.
Gotta prepare myself to wing a presentation for tomorrow.
See y'all later.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Photos of Myself

When I was going through my Wreck This Journal, I flipped to the page where you put a picture of you that you don't like and you deface. But as I was thinking about what photo to put there, I realized I don't really love any photos of myself.
I could probably count on one hand the number of pictures taken of me recently that I have actually liked.
I usually don't look at pictures that I am in. I will glance at them and smile at everyone else, but then I sort of skip over myself. I know that I'm in it, but I don't really comprehend the whole picture. Maybe this is the reason I don't have a camera except for the crappy one on my phone, and I really don't take selfies (which is basically impossible, again, because of my phone).
By now you are probably thinking I have a bad self image or something. And this isn't really true. I accept myself for who I am and enjoy all the things that make me weird or different or stand out. But of course everyone has their own insecurities, so there are things that I worry about a little bit.  But generally I don't worry or think badly about all of the scars I have, or my round face, or my enormous hands. I take it in stride, along with most of the annoying or crappy things that happen on a weekly basis.
 So I guess I attribute the whole photo avoidance thing to something sort of superstition.
(Okay, not that type of superstition. But that was asking to be put in there. Hehehehe. Well, by the little voice in the back of my mind going, "You know you want to..." Anyways back to what I was saying before.)
While people who know me may not think I'm super superstitious (ha, I liked how that sounded, sorry continue reading), I unconsciously sort of am. I'll read horoscopes for fun, then end up following them, even though I try to convince myself that it's not true at all. When I heard that they were building a second Titanic, I sort of lost my mind and tried to convince a bunch of people to never, ever ride on it because surely they would drown. Naming and creating a replica of a ship that sunk and killed so many people is just a beacon of bad luck and not good ju-ju.
So when I see a picture of myself, I feel like I unconsciously feel like there is a little part of my soul or something in those pictures, and that by looking at it I'm giving it over to the photo.
Okay, I actually have no idea what I'm unconsciously thinking (that's why its unconscious) but I'm just trying to give an idea to something I can't really put into words.
Oh well, I tried.
So this was sort of a feelz post, but it felt good to write it down anyways.
But now I want to write something funny to relieve all this tension. Hmmmm...
Nope that didn't work. Well, I gots to go do some homework and write a speech, so I'll catch you on the other side of the next post my brain decides to vomit out an idea for.
P.S Now I'm listening to Superstition. Thanks Stevie Wonder for working your way into my brain...

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don't know if many people know this, but I love nicknames. I think they are cute, quirky, fun, and just great. My name is one that could have a few nicknames, but I never was called any of them growing up. I always wanted one, but no one ever picked them up, so I'd make them for myself. I did have the nickname Cube at an arts camp I went to in elementary school, and it made me so happy. I feel like that name reflects your true self, especially since your parents can't really wait to name you so they can see what you are like and what fits. So all of my nicknames, Ting, Anonymous Bassoonist, Jenn-A, Ladasha, and even Sloane (a quick addition to get me out of a creepy situation) all mean something to me, and I'm glad I have them and know the people who have given them to me.
That's all

Monday, December 2, 2013

Working on Wreck This Journal

I finally have had some down time to work on it again (even though I should be working on school projects).
The problem is that once I start wrecking, I get kind of obsessed and do around ten pages at a time until I finish them, and then I taper off after a day and forget about it.
So this is the cycle that my work has fallen into, and by tomorrow I'll be back at school and will forget about the whole book until Christmas break.
But for now, I'll show you one of the pages that I think I'm basically finished with. I did it late last night, because that is the best time of day for destroying your journal for some reason. Perhaps it's because its dark and you turn up your music loud (on your headphones) and you just finished a jar of Nutella and everything is working out in the world.
Well, you know, for me at least.
So here's the page!

P.S I was really twitchy when writing this post so sorry if the words sound funny. I look back on this and don't think that the order and flow was superb.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


And I don't think I want to stop listening to it.

Dinosaur in the Desert

Honestly, I can't really explain this one. It just sort of happened and I was thinking about New York.
Good luck trying to interpret it!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

All the Things

This (I guess) is supposed to be a self portrait. For some reason, whenever I draw myself, I never put a face. My mom (a clinical psychologist) told me that this signals something like that I'm unsure of my identity but I told her I just suck at drawing faces.
And she's like, "Oh, yeah well that's a reason too."
And that be the truth.
But I guess I wrote "all the things" because my mind is usually everywhere at once.
Today (the 26th) I can tell you that on my mind there was:
  • packing to go to Thanksgiving
  • making a t-shirt design
  • trying to fix the design when I screwed up
  • work for an English project
  • the idea that I should be working on AP Gov and Spanish
  • the name of a song my friend showed me the night before
  • charging all my electronics
  • finishing my book
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • thinking about Catching Fire
  • thinking about where I put my black tank-top
  • thinking about Marvin (who is still stuck in the black hole)
So yeah. Usually I can separate stuff, but sometimes I feel like I just need to sit down and focus on one thing or try to meditate, which is super hard for me since I need to keep moving and ultimately trying to plan ahead.
Caring and sharing time for all. Catch you later.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Blue Ombre (1st Thanksgiving Doodle Post)

So this is just me being bored and doing some ombre. I love the trend and how the colors meld into the next, and sometimes I'll try it on my hair with hair chalk. Except the colors usually run into each other, and I'm also running out of the blues and purples, which are my favorites.
When I first started doing this one (out of boredom) I though it sort of looked like fish eggs.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hey y'all.
Now I know that not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving, but it is probably my favorite holiday. You get to spend time with your family and catch up, you get to share a really tasty meal together, and then you play dice games for presents and you steal them from one another at the end of the game.
Oh, you don't do this? Then welcome to Bonco.
Anyways, I decided to post up a couple of doodles from my little kid program and what they are supposed to be/mean for the next couple of days. So I hope you enjoy!
Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and holidays!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's in My Drain?

It bubbles and gurgles
 and spits water back up
and it floods the sink every time I turn on the tap.
Is there a snake in there,
its coils constricted
by the solidarity of the pipes?
Or maybe a turtle
whose beak-like jaws push the water
outwards and upwards
and always overflowing.
Perhaps it's a mouse
constantly pumping water
out of its teeny tiny home
where no one will see.
Maybe it's the sunflower seed I dropped
weeks and months and years ago,
and it lodged itself in the crevices of darkness
and began to grow
feeding off the absence of light
and its own hopes of someday
being able to be seen.
Let's hope it's that.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Man, it was soooo intense.
After the end of the last scene when the Catching Fire symbol comes up and the credits start to roll, one kid in  the audience went "OH SHIT," and that basically summed up the whole movie.
We applauded this magnificent child.
So please go see it. Do it. It's much better than the first one.
Even though I was still cracking jokes throughout most of it. But that's how I was trying to cope with THE TENSION.
P.S Sorry for the swearing, but it is a direct quote and there is no word perfect enough to capture that moment.
But seriously. Run. As. Fast. As. You. Can.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Just thought you should know...

Thought I Had Today

Okay, so in movies an actor might have to sign their character's name on camera. But what do they do if they are in another movie and they have to sign their other character's name on camera? I mean, yeah it's going to be a different name but they are still going to have the same handwriting/ signature. So do they have to change how they sign or does somebody else sign it for then and all we see is their hand?
Okay maybe this isn't really relevant to anything.
Back to the homeworkz.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Hole

I don't know if I've said it before on this blog, but I know I have told my friends and some of my family that I have a black hole that follows me. Except I never know where it is. But it sucks up important things and spits them out (usually after the time I need them) like my turquoise ring, my long, knee-high socks, my War-Heads stash, my umbrella, and my lemon flavored mouth guard. I have lost all these things for around a couple a months, and then POOF! Out of no where they appear, and of course it doesn't matter as much since I have gotten past the time where I needed them.
But this time it  has switched two items, and I need one back.
My cat, Marvin, has disappeared, leaving our house about a week or two ago and not coming back. I'm pretty sure he's with another family since he's pretty friendly, but then something happened on Saturday to make me think otherwise.
I was digging in the back of my closet trying to find a bag, and as I saw it and grabbed it, I heard something plunk out. Something very familiar. Something that had fallen out of many of my bags and down steps and out of cars.
Guys, it was my phone.
Naturally, I chucked it back in the closet and ran away, and when  I was sitting on the bus later that morning, I realized why it had appeared.
The universe had made a trade.
After all my pleas for the return of my phone, it finally answered, but took an unwilling victim (MARVIN McNUT) in my phone's place. And so I want to trade again.
But I don't think that is going to happen.
Don't black holes just suck?
Probably the drawing I am most proud of besides my ghost pickle.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Yeah okay now that's all for today.

Checking Up On You Guys

Hey everyone!
I know I haven't posted something in a few days, so I just wanted to write something in order to see what was going on with you guys.
I had a weird, sort of stressful Saturday, but it ended out okay and I was allowed to breathe a deep sigh of relief. The minute I got home, I just wanted to laugh it off (sort of in a insane person way) and be happy I got through it, and just happy it happened. So I kind of did. Then I read some and went to bed.
Today I'm trying to get at least halfway through a paper that I'm not really enjoying writing. At all. I like the book that it's going to be on, but I also hate that sometimes in school you dissect a book you like to the point where it starts losing the meaning it had to you before. Now you have to factor in all the other information you are "supposed" to know, which seems to be ultimately more important than whatever you thought. And I'm glad that we get to talk about underlying meanings and symbolism and stuff, because I actually find that interesting. But once my friend was talking about how she interpreted a short story we read in class to our teacher, and they told her that was wrong.
And that bothered me because, hey, we all think differently.
Now I get it if she was totally wrong about it, but what she said sounded pretty legitimate and truthful and what could be a meaning of the story. But to just say to her that she was wrong seemed very wrong in itself, especially since the teacher didn't have any back-up information to why she was wrong.
So yeah, I guess this sort of turned into a mini rant, but I'm just really tired and I'm avoiding writing this paper.
Hopefully I'll be able to write more soon!
Is it sad that I have a button with this on it?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I have a babushka voice. It is a mix of a loving but sort of stern grandmother, an accent that really could pass for a couple of different countries, and it is one of my favorite things right now. I sometimes wear my special scarf that finishes the babushka look, and then I am completely happy, and I become this babushka character.
I needed to do a speech for this weekend, and when I saw this, I fell in love.  I looked for other speeches anyway, but from the minute I finished this Ted Talk I knew I was sold, and now I am doing it. I didn't even know it was about babushkas until I watched it.
But if you care to watch, it is really interesting and it makes you wonder more about the perseverance of people.
So here.
What did you think? Could you do what they did even knowing the fact that it will kill you?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When I Am Angry

When I Am Angry,
I destroy,
the world
in my mind.
There is no one to stop me
and say "That's enough,"
I control my own limits
and today I am not heading the ship.
I am diving to the ultimate depths.
The anchors have been released.
I am unreachable
and uninterested.
Try to find me.
I dare you.
Because if you look
you won't see me in the darkness.

Monday, November 11, 2013


As a kid, I would always start a journal. I would write in it for a couple days, two weeks at best, and then I would forget about it. It'd be too hard to keep up, to think of ideas, to remember everything that happened.
And I sort of feel like this blog could morph into that.
But I'd like to start carrying a journal again, but I feel like I wouldn't know what to put into it.
Ideas like names for my friend's pet turtle?
I really don't know.
If you have a journal, what do you use it for?
And do you recommend a certain size or brand for easiness?
I think I might just pick up a Moleskine.
What do you think?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Seeds

Hey fellow chicos y chicas!
It's good to be back.
I know I've taken a break from writing on Meadow Inferno, but I needed some time to get stuff done and start getting some of the creative juices flowing.
And slowly, it's coming back to me how to write a blog post that I am proud of and is absolutely me.
But I probably won't be posting everyday.
It's hard for me to think of ideas, and while I do love the small, tiny, random thought posts that have been coming up recently, I also like the long, random ones with all the pictures and possibly deeper thoughts and the crazy drawings and the poems and pictures I've come to love.
But today, as I was sitting at my computer writing this in my blazer and pajamas I got to thinking about all those little sentences said by somebody else that get lodged in your brain. They could be positive, they could be negative, they could be sort of both. All it takes is that little utterance, that seemingly un-important comment, the last sentence at the end of a book.
And it starts to take root in your mind.
Before you know it, it has spread to the outer corners of your consciousness, and becomes something that you start thinking about a little more than you probably should. But the roots keep spreading and spreading and taking more of your mind until it's basically all you start thinking about and you need the answer about what it is really about. So you Google it or you try to drop hints to get somebody to talk more about it. And it doesn't really work.
And it goes away.
But then later, what seems like hours, months, years, decades in the future, you get the answer.
And you realize that it wasn't that important at all.
Or maybe it was.
Now I gotta go find my Nutella. I hid it around here somewhere...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Break Thing...

Yeah, it might last longer than I thought.
I'll try to back to you chilluns by Sunday.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


After Monday, I shall start posting again. I really need to recharge from my crazy weekend and get my stuff together.

Friday, November 1, 2013


But I didn't go trick or treating.
No, I really mostly just ate those wafer straw things with the chocolate inside of them.
And then I inhaled some of one and that really hurt.
So I ate twelve more.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


She hurt my throat.
She's a fog machine.
That's all you need to know.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Old Phone.... One Last Connection.

I got a new phone. I don't like it as much, and it is vulnerable without a case and insurance. It's like your uncle from the future. The keyboard is weird, and it's hard to deal with and annoying and doesn't vibrate loudly enough to hear it.
But this is the end.
If you show up, I will understand. But the power has been cut off to you, and you won't react to my screams of joy and groans of annoyance.
And I understand.
But I must move on without you.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The darkness is always closing in
taking away the hours that I need
to completely succeed
at what I'm doing.
I just need more minutes in a day
more time in any single way
just to say what I have to say
and do what I do.
But this rushing continues
and I see it in the tired bodies of those around me
and in the eyes of those who have had enough.
We're all just waiting for that one moment we can
take a break
breathe in
and close our eyes.
Not worry for an hour
about what comes ahead.
And while this day may not be tomorrow,
we hope that it can be the next.

Monday, October 28, 2013


I have already talked about his artwork before. But I'm just going to let it speak for itself.

Graffiti can be much more than vandalism. It can be a message.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I love prints. Polka dots, zig-zags, tiny foxes, you name it. But stripes are my go-to, comfy pattern that if I wear, I know that I'll be safe. People say stripes aren't forgiving but for me, they are always there when you pulled an all-nighter or are at a party not knowing anyone, or are slouching around your house about to puke. They can look clean or messy, cute or dressy, prim and princess-y (well maybe. I mostly used it so I could rhyme).
I have this blanket in blue. AND BOY IS IT COMFY. And yes, it's from my homeland.
Sometimes you just need something a little more on the rebel side.
Being someone who loves crazy pants, I do indeed have a pair of striped ones. Except the stripes are horizontal.
And don't forget your matching socks/tights.
I know that two days ago I said I'd do a regular post, but I forgot. I keep forgetting all the things, probably because I'm too busy.
Oh well, I'll post again soon.

Friday, October 25, 2013

That Feeling You Get...

when you listen to one of your favorite songs after a long day, and no matter where you are, you feel like you are home.
I think everyone feels this way.
But maybe it's just the music crazies.
By the way guys, I'm going to try to post an actual post tomorrow, instead of these teeny tiny ideas that I keep adding everyday.
I really miss writing out something long and luxurious in the picture and capital letter department.
Talk to you guys soon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Phone is Still Missing

Honey, I really need you. What I said before wasn't a lie. What we had was special. And I need you back.
Your chica,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh I Forgot...

Ironic, huh? Well I need ideas for something to draw on my little kid program so if you could leave some ideas below that would be great.
It all be in your hands.

Forgetting Haiku

Forgetting all things,
Seems to be my specialty,
What was I saying?

Monday, October 21, 2013

That Moment When...

you're playing Little Big Planet with your friend and you keep exploding and she is laughing and your cats are confused and you just ate a bowl of shrimp bisque.
Sorry, but I need to keep moving.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Google Maps is So Much Fun!

I can tour places that I know I will probably never get to see, and I can sort of walk on their streets! Except I can't see the abandoned amusement park with the creepy ferris wheel that continues to move... the Google Map Street View man is too afraid to touch down there.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Okay, Maybe I Lied

It's earlier in the morning and I'm getting ready to head out on my crazy day. Even though I'm excited to be dressed up, I'm more excited to be dressed up WHILE EATING FROZEN YOGURT!
My friend, Juni*, and I were talking about this yesterday. We were trying to decide what makes frozen yogurt so darn special. And even though I think its taste is superior to ice cream, we decided it was the process.
As I have talked about frozen yogurt on here before, I'm just going to do a little recap on what happens.
1.You go to a fancy machine. You decide what flavor you want. Then you pull a magic lever and a noise sounds like a machine that is coming from the future.
2. A huge amount slowly swirls into your bowl, and you start to smile.
3. You stop when you realize that 10 pounds of yogurt is going to cost you, as well as messing with your body for a couple of days.
4. You go put on toppings, opting for the lighter, but still the tastiest ones (coconut, bobas, gummy bears)
5. You put it on the scale and see how much your creation ways, AND BOOM! It's yours, along with a colorful spoon and all the free water you want. And the container of course.
 So yeah, I need to run NOW! But I just wanted to put that in.
*Juni is not her real name. Her middle name doesn't start with B, and doesn't end with Jones either.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tomorrow is A Big Bowl of Craziness

I don't have much time. Today has already been crazy enough, with me selling cookies out the wazoo and running around. But tomorrow there are things like tests and dances and movies and dressing up and makeup and frozen yogurt. And possibly Halloween costumes. But I probably won't post tomorrow, or the next day. And hopefully my creative juices for posts start flowing again.
See you on the other side...

Thursday, October 17, 2013


They tell a story. The red lipstick mark on my hand, from wiping it off my mouth when I thought I applied it horribly. The darker soda stain on the carpet from that party where you had that awesome dance off. The nail polish on the seat in your car from the summer when you were bored and jumped in, ready to go anywhere.
They may be ugly, but there are amazing stories behind them.
But I can't remember how I got coffee stains all over the notes by the computer.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jogging Away

Lately I've been feeling like I am running from something. I don't really know what it is. Maybe it's school work, or drama (the people kind), craziness, or even just making sure I upload to this something everyday. But I'm not really worried about these consciously. I'm doing fine in school,the drama doesn't really involve me, I (try) to keep my zaniness in check, and I know that I could write one sentence on here and that would count as uploading something.
I really don't know, and it's not like I'm going to join cross country anytime soon.
Maybe I'm just running from the unknown.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


(P.S Basically I only sampled black and gold shoes. Purely accidental.)




Which one is your favorite?

I've Lost My Phone

Again. For the millionth time.
But phone, I want you to know,
I have lost you so many times. In the park, in an auditorium, in my room (where you are probably hiding now), at my friend's house. You have gotten wet, covered in snow, extremely warm, and have fallen out of my pockets onto what seems to be a never ending staircase.
But you have been there for me. You always eventually revive, even if it takes days. You always leave just enough battery to call or text some one that I need to be picked up before your light blinks out. And I know that it is my fault for not knowing where you are, even though I am racking my brains in order to find you.
You are perfect the awkward way you are, and I could never imagine myself with an iPhone.
Seriously, could you see me with an iPhone? That thing would look like it went through the garbage disposal the same hour I got it. It would have stains that wouldn't come off and be cracked beyond repair and have this new IOS seven thingy that people tell me is horrible but I really don't understand.
So if you read this, phone, please come back. Because I need you.
Really, I do.

Hahahaha, I really just wanted to be random and write this. So I did. But I really wonder where my phone is. So please come back.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wordlist #4

I'm busy today with some stuff, so I decided to make one of these.
You know how it goes...
Cards, hope, genius, jar, running, breathing, moving, jumping, buildings, beans, falls, throw, movement, coffee, words, dreams, ideas, stoop, potato, mug, drink, flight, skip, crash, chalk, pavement, joy.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Costumes!

I love Halloween, and even if I can't go trick or treating anymore (I'm too old), I still get to dress up with the marching band for the Halloween Parade we have where I live.
My favorite part is definitely dressing up, and here are a couple of costume ideas that I think are cute/quirky/amazing.
Fantastic mr. fox idea
This is one the best ideas ever! It looks so cute, and I'm already so in love with this movie that every time it is on I drop whatever I'm doing and gravitate towards it like a moth to a light.
Fashion Icons Halloween Costumes: Iris Apfel | Oh Happy Day!
I love this lady and I love this costume idea!
I think this would be super easy to pull off even on someone who isn't a child, and who wouldn't want to be Frida anyways?
Okay, maybe I'm just attracted to very small and adorable costumes.
No words. Just silence and open mouth derping.
So I hoped this helped! Or just made you smile. Either way, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's next?

There are some things that I just can't understand to their fullest capacity. Like how there is so much music in the world and it is basically all original in its own way. Or how the funny story I made up yesterday will soon be lost in the depths of my mind, and I'll never remember it again. How people are each so different, how memories are perceived in a unique way by separate people, and realizing the people that you care the most about now will disappear sometime in your life, moving away from you or forgetting you, or maybe you'll be the one to disappear first.
It's all so crazy and weird and great and so hard to really take in.
So this is what I wrote late last night, when everything seems to take on a different form, and you really have the time to think alone in silence, by yourself, right before you drift off to sleep.
I realize that I will never truly know all the answers, no matter if I want to, and I kind of accept it.
So this post was weird too, and maybe more about the feelz, but it felt good just to write it.
The end.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Trying To Post

Sorry this is one huge non-grammatically correct sentence I've been pressed for time and actually wrote this yesterday I'm been extremely busy and have been trying to get my crap together for school and for the day I'm going to miss and everything else so I know that blog posts have been pretty random (more than usual) but as soon as Saturday comes I promise to write down a real post full of the stuff I usually write and I really do promise you can refer to this post if I don't do that so I wish you the best and have a nice day y'all and I'll see you on the other side of this tornado of work and school and craziness.