Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sorry guys, I got crap to do before finals. No inspirational stories or anything. I'll put a quote and some pics or a couple gifs but that's all I can do.
Oh well, I'm still sort of commited.

"People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
That's pretty deep, isn't it?
Hmmmmm, let's see......



Gotta run. Bye.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

22 Hours of Suffering (on a sailboat)

Hey everybody.
So I know my last post was sort of a story, so I decided to tell another one in this post.
Except it's sort of sad. More like pathetic.
But it'll all be okay because, hey, things work out.
So my tale begins.....
The Story of How I REALLY Had to Pee but I Held it for 22 Hours (on a sailboat)
Once upon a time, I was on a sailboat. I was learning how to sail, and it was really fun, with it not being a crazy windy day, or one without wind.

The sun was shining, there was an abundance of Fudge Crème Oreos, and everyone was talking and joking.
This was what I remember before having to pee.
But I played cool, because like any girl worth her salt, I can hold it. So I did.

Once we got to land, we had to hike a bit to get to the place where we were going to camp outside. It was pretty cool, with everybody squished together for warmth (and lack of space), and we had burgers (a veggie burger in my case), and everybody was happy.
Except I had to pee.
There weren't any bathrooms, so you were left with a shovel and told to go find a spot far away. But I can't make myself pee in the woods. It's something I just can't do, and I'm not squeamish or afraid of spiders, snakes, or the outdoors or anything.
So I held it until morning.

And I still had to pee.
 So we had breakfast milk cartons (which were covered by slugs that had mysteriously appeared with the dew), and  we hiked back down to our boats, wading into the water to set them off.

But I didn't because 1) Peeing in a lake is illegal (this is basically the underlying PSA I am leaving you with) and 2) I couldn't make myself do it. So I waited.
I ended up waiting six more hours because the wind wouldn't pick up.

I later learned that you can die (some lady actually has in a contest) if you hold it too long.
So moral of the story:
Don't hold your pee. Ever. Find a bathroom and it'll be all good.
I'm glad to share my experience. Okay, quote of the day!

"I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens."
- Woody Allen
Yeah, that is going to be a pain, isn't it?
So live life to your utmost ability, eat Nutella, and always, I MEAN ALWAYS, lick the spoon afterwards.
Or the knife.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gumdrop Village

Good day to you sirs (and not sirs), as I welcome you to my humble abode!
Well, an abode or collection of abodes I made.
You see, as the weird little kid I was, one day I found a bag of gumdrops floating around in our house, probably around three or four months after Easter. It was in the summer, and I was pretty bored, so I was rummaging around (with nothing better to do) and found the bag of slightly-softer-than-rock-hard candy.
Since most gumdrops are pretty gross, no matter if they have been open for a couple of months, I decided not to eat them.

But then I had an idea.

My little eight (maybe nine, possibly ten) year old self said, "WHAT IF I MAKE GUMDROP HOUSES FOR ALL OF MY LITTLE ANT FRIENDS?"
So I did.
Aren't they fricking adorable?!?!? Well, I did have a picture, but I can't find it on my computer. So here is a picture of cat that I saw in Belize. I think it's name is Iris.
Sorry that I thought I was more responsible than I actually am.
Oh, I guess I have to put a quote....Ummmm......
"You chew gum like a silent assassin."
-My brother
He actually told this to me awhile ago and I just remembered it. It's true. I do.

Apparently they make this too. SOMEBODY'S GOTS TO SEND ME SOME!
Keep dreaming and do what you love because you never know when everything is going to end. Oh, and LIVE EVERY WEEK LIKE IT'S SHARK WEEK.

Because, hey maybe it is. I missed it last year.
My friend is deathly afraid of sharks. So I probably shouldn't ask her.
Anyways, have fun.
P.S Shark Week begins in 77 days, six hours,42 minutes, and 10 seconds from me posting this.
There is a countdown.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Post of Relaxedness

Hey everybody!
I guess I shouldn't have said yesterday was my relaxing today because today really was. I've been reading My Friend Leonard by James Frey (which I couldn't spell for the life of me for some reason), eating gelato and salad with dressing I made (not together), and enjoying the sun and green grass. Life is good.

So today I was thinking about how magazines and such have substitutes for foods, like if you want to eat pizza, have some saltines and a cheese stick with a tomato, and BOOM! You got something that's not tasty but supposedly is just like pizza! (Rookie makes fun of that here.)
Yeah, so today, I was eating gelato and I was like, "You know what tastes like gelato and sort of has the same texture? Raw cookie dough." Except that it kind of doesn't. Like at all. Sometimes my brain is very confused.

Well then. I'm ready to get to work on my garden (today I beat at the dirt with a shovel and some other tools and found a rusty stake in there (?)). After tomorrow I'm going to be in a lot of pain anyways, so I  am preparing to take it easy.
Also I am still thinking of ideas of what to write, and Lafawnda is not helping. So maybe I'll get my act together and have an idea.

Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to start doing quotes now. But I'm not feeling super inspirational at the moment, so I'm just going to write one that I remember.
"It's going to get colder than a tin toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg."
-Dual Survival
That's about all I got to say for today. Hope everyone lives happily and enjoys life and DFTBA (thanks Vlogbrothers).
I really need to read all of John Green's books again this summer. I already reread Looking For Alaska, but I was thinking about An Abundance of Katherines earlier today when I was lying on my driveway. Apparently that's something I do a lot now.

Hahaha go Nerdfighters! Talk to y'all later.
P.S Have you noticed that I have been posting everyday? I'm doing pretty freaking awesome, if I don't say so myself. I need to find my gold star stickers........

Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 Day! (Well, Free Day)

Hey mis muchachos y muchachas!
Today I have one of my first Free Days ("There are no rules! There is one rule!" to quote Cici's pizza commercial) in what seems like months.
I guess it actually was months with all the forensics tournaments and lacrosse days and concerts and work and stuff. Not that I have a job......
Well anyways, I started my day off with the eating what remained in my jar of Nutella, and got to work in order to relax and get stuff done.

This is what the jar looked like after I was done with the Nutella.
Back to my Free Day, I got to eat vegan burritos and hummus with pita chips. I studied a bit for an entrance exam, fell asleep on my driveway (not the best of ideas when someone comes driving up), wore my humongous sweatpants, and danced around a lot. There was music and Tibetan prayer flags (that I made) and overall it was pretty enjoyable, if not extremely windy. Oh, and I felt like adding this after waking up from my nap.
So very, very true for interp as well.
Well I didn't really get a whole lot of work done, but that's okay.
I'll figure everything out eventually.
I don't have much to say today, but I feel like I should include some John Green gifs, just because, well, they're John Green gifs.

And don't forget about Hank!
Well, I guess it's poem time. Except I'm getting quite tired of making stupid ones up, so I might add quotes now. But not for this post. I gotta commit.
This is it,
The last freaking poem,
I got tired of writing them like I tire of everything,
I have O'D on  Kraft mac and cheese,
chicken fingers,
Tastee Freeze,
those candy ringers.
No more Tootsie Rolls
or the Swiss Misses,
doughnuts, jelly rolls,
Hershey White Chocolate Kisses.
I'm even tiring of hummus
and muffins
which is just plain depressing.
(Just like salad dressing)
So this poem sucks,
but it'll be okay
because it'll be deleted eventually anyways.
Whoa, major poem suckage. But I like it that way and I need to go practice bassoon.
Sleep tight, kids.

Oh my goodness, has happened to me so many times. Especially with Buster. WHO CAN BE A TURD, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE PEES ON THE CABINETS! But more on that later.

Friday, May 24, 2013

What if I was a rapper?

I thought of that today. My name would be Cleopatra's Ice, and I would be great and I would go every where and do every thing.
Haha one of my friends and I always joke that we are going to show up at our friend's new house and have a party at 3am and have a DJ and go swimming and have a dance party and then we'll fall asleep and make pancakes on the hibachi when we wake up....

HAHAHA OH MY GOD, THIS CAME UP WHEN I LOOKED UP "FANCY PANCAKES"! What is the world coming to? Not that I mind that it came up....
Guess what? I have lots of time today! So I can write for hours and eat food and go on Youtube and listen to music and be happy.
Writing is super relaxing and nice.
Oh, by the way, thanks everyone for reading! There are people from Paraguay and South Korea and Brazil and Mexico and all over the world! Just keep reading if you like what's going down up in here. If not, I wish you the best and can recommend you to places like The Useless Web or Emergency Compliment. I have spent hours on these websites. Even at school I have been able to get on them.
It is chilly right now and that makes me sad. Where did all the warm days and the sun and hot cement go? And the dreams of lemonade and sitting by the pool and reading in the sun and falling asleep on the lawn and waking up and finding that everything is too bright?
Maybe it'll come back soon...

Well, hopefully this won't happen....
I still haven't seen the Great Gatsby movie, you guys. It's pretty depressing. Hopefully I can go this weekend or sometime soon.
Yeah, I know that that probably won't happen, too. You don't have to remind me....
I feel like Ferris Bueller right now, and I'm ready to miss school for an adventure. I can't really go to Chicago, but for the past couple days I was dreaming about Philly.
Apparently, one can not write on their blog for as long as they would like since one's computer likes to shut down. I'll leave you with a little poem.
Cat's on the table,
Begging me to help him off,
Turn's out it's raining.
In the words of Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres,
"If you don't remember a thing I said today, remember this: you're gonna be ok, dum de dum dum dum, just dance."
You'll be fine. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shutting Down

I'm REALLY tired of everything. I just need a break from the chaos and commitment and the work and the constantly communicating with people. This weekend I have one free day, but it's probably going to be spent studying,
Okay I have 20 minutes to cram as much as I can before I have my Emergency Deadline. Also, a storm's a comin', so I better get on it before the power goes off again.
Okay, what can I talk about........ FOOD!
Blue Corn Torilla Chips- Plain, but for some reason I like really plain foods sometimes.....and really rich ones.
Gelato-It's so much better than ice cream, no matter what any body says. Also it comes in a bunch of fantastic flavors, and it's softer and creamier than ice cream. I also find that if you have sensitive teeth it doesn't bother them as much.
Grapes- But we already talked about this.....
Muffins-WHY HAVE CUPCAKES WHEN YOU CAN HAVE MUFFINS? Well, the frosting always gets me sick, and I just like muffins.
Croissants- OH MY LANDS I COULD LIVE OFF OF REALLY GOOD CROISSANTS. Put Nutella in them and it's a dream come true. Fun Fact- I tried my first one in St. Croix when I was little. I also tried guava juice, WHICH IS ALSO FREAKING AMAZING!
Ummm, I really don't feel like writing anything else on food, soooooooo........
Things that have happened to me lately:
1. My ukulele broke. I found it broken in my room, all the strings splayed all over the place and the piece that holds them together nearby, but it some how was standing in its spot, like nothing had happened......
2. I haven't had coffee in seventeen days. It feels kinda good, but I also feel kinda tired. All. the. time.
3. I pulled a bunch of ticks off my cat Marvin's eyes. He let me do it. Then he rolled over and made me scratch his stomach.
Oh note, the word belly bothers me. It's like a little kid term instead of something real. Just say stomach because it sounds better. Or at least when talking to me.
I realized I made some more lists today....I have to work on that....
Oh! I didn't add any pictures! Or gifs! OH NO!

My favorite Forensics Fox..... :)
Okay that's all I got.....
Deadline failed....... :( Oh well.
Oh, I almost forgot my poem!
Life is freaking short,
Trying to get everything done,
Live a little too.
Hopefully I'll catch you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving On

What's up, tortugas?
Tortuga is probably my favorite Spanish word if you didn't know.
Anyways, the week is moving on smoothly. Finished some standardized testing, helped get projects done, and all homework is due Friday. Saturday is free for me to lounge around and study a bit and generally procrastinate to the point where I feel like procrastinating procrastination.

One time I asked my gym teacher if we could do horizontal running (from Pitch Perfect). He didn't approve.
Oooh, ooh! You want to know some of my dreams? Well more like tiny, baby wishes.
1. Pushing my Kid in a Stroller in a Park Somewhere as Ridin Dirty plays- Okay, I don't even like this song but I just want people to be like, "What?" as the song goes, "They see me rollin', they hatin'." My kid and I will have swag and I will be jogging and everyone will be like, "Dang GIRL!" Yeah, small dream, but whatever.
2.Teeny Tiny Apartment- I want to have one that I cram full of everything interesting and colorful and beautiful that I have ever wanted. There will be posters and paintings and art and a record player and bakery and sunshine and happiness. Try to stop me.
3.To live somewhere I can see Art and Music EVERYDAY- I just want to be around all the things I love. Good food, good (probably artsy or musical) people, music, art, culture, creativity, and somewhere with a library I can live in.
4. A Kumquat Tree- Because who doesn't want free (sort of) kumquats? Also, who doesn't want to tell people they have a kumquat tree when they come over?
5. Kiddy Pool Party- I'm still working on this one........
Look, I found a kumquat tree!

Sigh...., doesn't that make you want to go research what a kumquat is? I know some of you have no idea what it is, so go explore the internet. Also look up fava beans and kakapos and quetzalcoatls and bassoons, because I know for sure some of you guys know nothing of my instrument.
Hmm, I need some music to listen to. I feel like I just repeat the same songs over and over again. Leave an idea, especially your favorite band or group or singer.
About the wish thing, I make them a lot. I always have little baby wishes. Like to get a pixie cut or go in a shark cage or go on a road trip eventually or go to Portland. Actually, I REAAAALLLY WANT TO GO TO PORTLAND. I'll go to Voodoo Donut and Powell's Books and eat out of food trucks and enjoy the randomness and skip around until I fall into a dizzy heap in the Portland Japanese Garden. Then someone can come drag me away after a week.

I need to go practice bassoon and stuff, but I'll leave you with a poem.
I wish that all days could be filled
with the heat of summer
and brightness of rosy cheeks.
I wish that everyday could be lived like your last,
and you knew that you would be remembered
forever and always.
I wish that the pink in the sky
was an omen for beautiful days to come
and that there weren't such things as endings
and goodbyes
and things lost in time and space.
But you live in the present
because every day
See ya tomorrow, guys.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dead Mosquito in my Bathroom

Dear Dead Mosquito in my Bathroom,
Please leave.
I know that this is impossible since you are dead, but somehow remove yourself from my bathroom. Your carcass makes me cringe and I'm afraid to pick you up and deposit your body in the great outdoors for the unlikely reason that you will somehow become a mosquito zombie and bite me and it will be painful and unpleasant.
I know that it is my fault that you lay decomposing on the linoleum next to the bathtub, after I was really angry and I swatted you out of the air in my room with a towel. I watched you limp/flutter over near the floor by the sink, and with a dying breath, collapse in a jumbled bug heap, and watch as the cruel, cruel world fell from your sight.
I'm not really sure how you got near the tub, be it by cat or gust of air from the sighing AC, but you need to leave. It's really a nuisance. Think of the children you are inhibiting from using the shower and cleaning the bathroom. It truly is a problem.
The Girl Living in the Yellow Room Where you Began your Descent into What was a Dark Journey to the Underworld.

 (uh,huh this is my bathroom with a tiny hole in the toilet)
If y'all didn't read the last post then you surely aren't going to understand why this one is weird. Okay, here's a gif for everyone.

Both Jennifer Lawerence and I enjoy food. Just to let y'all know.

I watched a movie.

Yep, I followed up with my plans everyone! I did what I said I was going to and I am proud of it! My study time suffered only a bit because it was two hours long and I needed to shower since our water is still wonky. BUT I GOT TO DO WHAT I WANTED!

OH MY GOD WHEN THIS HAPPENS I GET SO FREAKING EXCITED! One time I think I almost cried........okay I really just need that song to come on and my battery was low and BA-BAM, everything works out, and the world is okay.
Ow. I cut the roof of my mouth with a  chocolate Tootsie- Pop (of course I'm the one clumsy enough for it to happen). I don't know why people dis on my favorite lollipop because who doesn't want two of the best types of candy, lollipops and chocolate, in one form? AND IT HAS A CHEWY TOOTSIE ROLL CENTER!

Oh, back to the movie.
Well I watched Silver Linings Playbook. It was really good, and I laughed a lot, but there were some parts I really wanted to cry (but I don't cry, soooo). I'm glad it won a lot of awards, and it really was an artistic film (at least to me) with a lot of emotion.
Whoo! Accomplishment, completed!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post with a Name that Doesn't Make Sense (Spectacular Mountain)

Aghhhh I'm freezing!
Which is weird since the air conditioning isn't on...
Good morning, y'all (or evening, or midday, when ever you happen to read this)!
I'm super full from eating a bunch of desserts from the church kitchen I was volunteering at, but there is a new jar of Nutella awaiting me on the kitchen counter, calling my name.........

Like write about it obsessively on this blog. Actually, this is the picture that captures the joy the most, along with making me snort a little when I first saw it..

Yep. Some things work out perfectly. BUT I WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS TEMPATION! Therefore I continue to write.
My hair smells nice like a hot tub (it makes sense since I was in one) and I really want a shower but the water is being screwy so I can't. Okay now I'm REAAAAALLY thirsty, but if I go in the kitchen then I will want to pass by the Nutella and it will be a chocolate hazelnut-spread coated disaster. No, I can be strong. I will do this.
I succumbed to the Nutella, guys...... 

I...I was doing so well, and then...there it was...on the counter....all alone. I was thinking about cranberry salad was so strong....
No. I will not dwell on the past. I will work harder in the future.
So what does everyone want to talk about?
Lafawnda: (waves hand in air violently) Oooh, ooh I know!
Me: What?
Lafawnda: (slowly lowers hand) Um....sorry. I don't really know. I just wanted to be supportive since you clearly don't have any ideas on what to write and are depending on figments of your written imagination to help you.
Me: Oh.
Lafawnda: ( smug smile spreads over face) Proceed.
Me: Um, okay.....
I'm gonna watch one and talk to you about it tomorrow. Yeah. I got plans for life. Look at me, a huge winner.
Leedle leedle lee,
I can do this all day long,
Y'all gonn be suckers.
Gif? Yes please!
About Meadow Inferno:


Ain't that the truth....

Annnnnnd these two are an example of the faces I make on a daily basis....

Thank goodness for New Girl.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey everyone.
Today I was super distracted for some reason, but I just think it's because I'm thinking about summer and finals and business and work and quizzes and everything. I sold out my box of chocolate so YAAAAAAAAAY! No more guilt! Or bothering people to take candy from a stranger (i.e me, but they are paying for it anyway).
I had more free time than usual, so I was listening to music and browsing the internet and then I drew these pictures.

Yeah, all I can say for this one is that I wanted to play poker. Sadly, I have no one to play it with. I learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em in fifth grade during indoor recess, but all we bet was stuff like erasers and marbles and crap we would find on the playground.
Oh, and this one I was drawing random scribbles and I thought this one looked like an abstract chameleon. So I kept it. My brother was like, "Anything can be abstract. It could be an abstract tomato for all I care!" Whatever.
Hmmm... free time. I don't like it all the time because it just lets me procrastinate on what I could be doing like studying or working or doing something important. You end up in that weird part of Youtube and then things just go downhill from there.
One thing I do like to do in my free time is look at The Burning House, a website in which people enter pictures and descriptions of what they would take if their house was burning. I love the way that their possessions are arranged, usually on the floor, and the different items they would take. It shows what really matters to people, and for most it's different but very personal.
If I would do one, I really have no idea what I would take, but one thing I wouldn't take would be my phone. Many people include theirs (but they are always iPhones, so I guess that would be more important than what I call my "ghetto phone"), except that I know I would sort of like not to have it so people wouldn't constantly be trying to contact me. I don't really like being plugged into this world, so even though I have this blog, I'm not really communicating to anyone in particular. It's more for myself, and also to remember stuff because I know that I'm eventually going to forget.
Okay, enough of slightly serious stuff. Hmmm, we need some gifs up in here!
This was on one of my favorite Vlogbrothers video. I like the Thoughts from Places a lot, and this one was especially funny.
Obviously I could only think of John Green today, but GIANT SQUID OF ANGER!
Ugh why can't it be summer already? My house is hot and we're having water problems and I just want to run around barefoot and eat vegan burritos and gelato and lay out on the driveway and nap in the sun (after applying sunscreen, of course. Skin cancer is a serious matter, kids).
What shall my poem include today?

Wish I was a squid,
Sinking into the darkness,
Cool water soothing.
Apparently I'm thinking about squids too for some reason.
Brain shutting down.