Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black Jack Back (Yeah this Title Was Dumb So What)

Bet you weren't expecting that, huh? Neither was I...
It's been a while hasn't it? I really did miss writing EVERYDAY, but obviously that probably isn't going to happen again until summer, because my schedule is packed to the point where I can barely remember everything that is supposed to be going on.
But enough about me, what about you?
Hahahaha just kidding back to me because otherwise we'd have a super awkward long silence-pause....                                                                 JUST LIKE THAT.
So, getting back to old to times, a list of things that I've learned/have happened to me?
1.Cacahuate replaced tortuga as my favorite Spanish word.
2. I have become obsessed with Tumblr. I really just look at other people's posts, but if you want to check out the few things I have, click here. I don't really like my theme, but I be getting on that.
3. Being sick while playing your instrument for eight hours a day sucks. Plus, it'll get you addicted to Lemon Mint Ricola Coughdrops (not a sponsor. I don't have any. Yet.)
4. I relearned how much I hate shoveling snow.
5. I GOT MY PERMIT AFTER TRYING THREE TIMES. Too bad my DMV friend wasn't there to see me the last time....OR WAS SHE SABOTAGING ME? (BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUUUUUM!)
Edward's Dramatic Chipmunk Loo
Naaaah she was too nice.
6. Something must be wrong with my computer because now it is extremely difficult to put pictures in Word documents or add videos to posts and stuff, which is really annoying.
7. Q: How many boxes of breadsticks is too many boxes of breadsticks?
A: 4, when you didn't realize your other two roommates ordered two boxes, and each box comes with 20 in them. So you sell them to some of the other kids from your school for all the money they have in their wallets (3 bucks).
8. Pants are overrated. Big sweatshirts and sweaters with leggings are just fine.
9.Marvin's probably not coming back. Ever.
10.TJMAXX is amazing because you go and buy a adorable yellow plastic suitcase, a robot sweater, a mix of a denim vest, a sweatshirt, and a sweater, and sometimes the employees compliment your swan pants or tell you that you should be a model. SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIES AT MY CLOSEST TJMAXX.
11.So much snow means that one week you went to school for one day.
12. Bassoonists are awesome.
13. Wearing weird shoes helps you make friends, while distracting them from playing as they turn from blue to purple in the light.
14. I wish I had more time to read.
15.Bob's Burgers is now probably my favorite show. I have a Louise hat! I FEEL HER POWER COURSING THROUGH ME!
Bob's Burgers (TV show)  Louise Belcher is voiced by Kristen Schaal
Or maybe that's all the coffee I've been drinking lately...
16. Netflix is my newest fling. Been catching up on Portlandia, watched Butter, Skyfall, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, Project Runway, and just about everything else they have on there.
So that's all that's really been going on with me. Send me a comment if you're feeling my vibes, or have any ideas for a new post. But I'm feeling some of my creativity returning, and that feels good.
Until next time, stay deep as the ocean and cool as a cucumber.
And wash your face twice a day to wipe the ugly away (thanks Miles Jai!)
Byeeeeeee! (Grace Helbig)
P.S Can you tell I have youtube mania?

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