Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Music I've Been Listening To Lately (Numero DOS!)

I've done this before, but I'll do it again since I always could use suggestions on new music (even if my iTunes account has less than a dollar in it right now).
Here are the last ten songs I have bought from iTunes, starting with the most recent.

1.Aviation High-Semi Precious Weapons (THIS IS FOR FREE ON ITUNES RIGHT NOW!)
2.Jungle- Jamie N Collins & X Ambassadors
3.Who Needs You- The Orwells (FREE)
4.Skinny Love- Birdy
5. Chandelier- Sia
6. I'm Only Joking- KONGOS (ALSO GOT FOR FREE)
7. Back Then - Julian Smith for B Story
8. Addicted to You- Avicii
10. Leave My Body- Florence & The Machine

Gotta love all the songs that get stuck in your brain.


  1. Omg I literally can't stop listening to Skinny Love! I really like your taste in music.

  2. Thanks! I'm actually really into Florence and the Machine as well as Birdy, but lately I've been starting to get into the Arctic Monkey's and 1975. Thanks for commenting!