Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hey y'all! Look, I acutally remembered to write for the second day in a row! Whoo personal progress!
Okay, since I know that nobody is really reading this blog (I'm allowed to see a graph in which I realized the peaks were from me checking to see if the posts actually showed up and stuff, sad, I know) I feel like I could write better if I was writing to an actual person beacause, hey, I enjoy writing extremely long letters about nothing in particular. Meadow Inferno is a terrible name though, so until I can think of a person that I feel like addressing, I will just use a random name.
Dear Loretta,
You happen to be one of my favorite characters from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. Well, your name at least. You are a fictional reader who I choose to write to in this time of need. Heck, tomorrow I will write to Gladys. But it is not this day.

(hehehehe yes this is what I'm doing at this time)

Yaaay go memes. They are truly the bestest.
Okay, Loretta. So now I enjoy using the program on my computer to draw things, and I have been told that I "drew something almost exactly like it when you were 5". The program is pretty fun. It gives you a lot of different colors to utilize and there are stickers and different mediums and it is just overall great. Look what I made just the other day!
So this is a pretty good representation of me since the hair is pretty much perfectly out of control and who wouldn't prefer to be in a shrine of grapes because, face it, grapes are basically the most accessible fruit. If there is a bowl of grapes, and they are not gross and wrinkly and fermented or anything, they will be eaten. Also I tried to draw the shirt I call my Depression-Commercial shirt, but that didn't really work out. Maybe I'll show it to you some time. With my swan pants.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the haiku thing! Hmm, let's see........
Grape soda scares me,
Real grapes don't inspire fear,
Artificial does.
Actually that could be perceived as pretty deep, but oh well. Deep is where you need to go sometimes. Along with hot pretzel places at the mall! One of the best dinners I had in a long time was a cinnamon-sugar pretzel with fudge dipping sauce and a vanilla latte. Sometimes you just need a pretzel to show you how sweet life can be.

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