Sunday, April 28, 2013


WHOO HOO! Hey guys!
I'm back from my mini trip to Busch Gardens and D.C and I had a super fantastic time. Oh yeah I forgot I am supposed to just address one person. Hmmmmmm..... okay got it.
Dear Annette (hehehe still DDG),
Upon returning, I have been excited about many things. Well, I'm always excited in general, but whatever. Here's a list.
1.OH MY GOD I LOVE LISTS! Okay, that one doesn't really count.
2.Great Gatsby Soundtrack. I read the book last week since I really wanted to see the movie but didn't want to go in without the prior knowledge (jeez, the book was great). Anyway, the movie looks pretty good. After watching some trailers, I wanted to know the soundtrack. So I looked it up and listened to some samples AND OH MY GOODNESS, IT BLEW ME AWAY AND I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR MAY 7TH SO I CAN BUY IT ALL! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But I digress.


3. Roller coasters. I found out that I love roller coasters. A lot. Maybe too much. Sadly in all of my pictures that you can get at the end of the ride there was the same dopey face of me being like a little kid who has had WAY too much sugar. Also I laugh manically. Sometimes I scream. Once I yelled "I NEED TO HICCUP". The other patrons were either afraid or enthralled by my randomness. It was great.
4.NUTELLA! We all know that I love it but now I really want some. Wait a sec. Here let me give you an image of what I'm doing to get it.
Mmmmmm it's pretty good on green apples too.
(Side Note: If you knew how long it takes me to post it would make you very disappointed in me because it takes me FOREVER to get all the links, photos, captions, and general layout of a page.
5. Tomorrow. Not to sound like Annie or anything, but I always look forward to the good things to come in the future, no matter how big or small, which means back to school! (Notice I didn't say waking up to go there.) YAAAAAY MAKE-UP WORK!
Whooo! It's haiku time!
Black and white photos,
Gone is unnecessary,
Character remains.
Isn't this true? Free People Blog was talking about this, and I couldn't agree more. There is a certain quality that comes out it pictures when the color mask is stripped away. You get to see the true nature of the person/object/place, and you get a better feel for it. You see the hard and soft of the lines, it's movement, the reason why it is what it is.
Whoa, going deep in the ocean again I see.
Hmm...should I add a picture? HECK YEAH!
Octopus dress? What do you think?
(P.S Spellcheck doesn't think Nutella is a word. WHAT IS THIS TREACHERY?!?!)

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