Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, it's been a week since I last wrote (I've been sick and stuff, jeez don't judge, self) but I really didn't write anything because I couldn't think of anything interesting. Today I just lounged around, went to a movie and got some books. I love reading in bookstores, but usually after an hour if there is a certain employee who roams the store looking for misfit children who are trying to read, they will tell you to buy a book already or get out. I finished a book on Alex the parrot once. And it wasn't even the children's version.

Yeah, so I didn't get anything accomplished today. So what? I can do whatever. I'm my own person. I did have some dark chocolate gelato, which left me feeling all beautiful and full of gelato and generally sort of tired, but it was worth it.
I feel like decorating stuff with stickers. Then again I have an unhealthy addiction to stickers and love sticking them all over my yellow trunk. Especially stickers involving waffles or cookies or other desserts and treats (HELP ME FIND MORE, PLEASE!)
Lalalala maybe everyday I'll put a freaking random haiku at the end of the post? Maybe it'll get me to do something or come up with something to write about?Who knows?
Okay, here it goes.......
Dreams about pickles,
Don't happen very often,
But they still haunt me.
If you knew how long this took me to draw you'd cry.

Look at you, making me exercise my drawing on a computer skills.

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