Saturday, November 30, 2013

All the Things

This (I guess) is supposed to be a self portrait. For some reason, whenever I draw myself, I never put a face. My mom (a clinical psychologist) told me that this signals something like that I'm unsure of my identity but I told her I just suck at drawing faces.
And she's like, "Oh, yeah well that's a reason too."
And that be the truth.
But I guess I wrote "all the things" because my mind is usually everywhere at once.
Today (the 26th) I can tell you that on my mind there was:
  • packing to go to Thanksgiving
  • making a t-shirt design
  • trying to fix the design when I screwed up
  • work for an English project
  • the idea that I should be working on AP Gov and Spanish
  • the name of a song my friend showed me the night before
  • charging all my electronics
  • finishing my book
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • thinking about Catching Fire
  • thinking about where I put my black tank-top
  • thinking about Marvin (who is still stuck in the black hole)
So yeah. Usually I can separate stuff, but sometimes I feel like I just need to sit down and focus on one thing or try to meditate, which is super hard for me since I need to keep moving and ultimately trying to plan ahead.
Caring and sharing time for all. Catch you later.

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