Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Seeds

Hey fellow chicos y chicas!
It's good to be back.
I know I've taken a break from writing on Meadow Inferno, but I needed some time to get stuff done and start getting some of the creative juices flowing.
And slowly, it's coming back to me how to write a blog post that I am proud of and is absolutely me.
But I probably won't be posting everyday.
It's hard for me to think of ideas, and while I do love the small, tiny, random thought posts that have been coming up recently, I also like the long, random ones with all the pictures and possibly deeper thoughts and the crazy drawings and the poems and pictures I've come to love.
But today, as I was sitting at my computer writing this in my blazer and pajamas I got to thinking about all those little sentences said by somebody else that get lodged in your brain. They could be positive, they could be negative, they could be sort of both. All it takes is that little utterance, that seemingly un-important comment, the last sentence at the end of a book.
And it starts to take root in your mind.
Before you know it, it has spread to the outer corners of your consciousness, and becomes something that you start thinking about a little more than you probably should. But the roots keep spreading and spreading and taking more of your mind until it's basically all you start thinking about and you need the answer about what it is really about. So you Google it or you try to drop hints to get somebody to talk more about it. And it doesn't really work.
And it goes away.
But then later, what seems like hours, months, years, decades in the future, you get the answer.
And you realize that it wasn't that important at all.
Or maybe it was.
Now I gotta go find my Nutella. I hid it around here somewhere...

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