Monday, July 8, 2013

HAIKUS! (Week of Weirdness #3)

You know how I said I was done writing poems? Well just for today, since this week is sort-of-kind-of-not-really special, I decided to do some. Actually, five.

Carrot Onesie dream,
Wish I owned its orange-ness,
Cuddle up at night.

(P.S This is Hannah Hart. She is awesome. She does MDK. Watch her on Youtube. Her channels are MyHarto and YourHarto. That is all.

Marvin runs quickly,
Slamming into my body,
Acts like nothing's wrong.
(P.P.S Marvin is my double jointed cat. Not some random guy I saw on the street with shiny toe nails or anything.)
Sushi, sushi, yum,
Crave the day we meet again,
Will it come quickly?
Found dead mouse in house,
Saw it earlier in room,
Peeked out from dresser.
Zombies crawl through earth,
Lost legs to time and decay,
Moving through my mind.
Not your average haikus, eh? But then again, I'm not average I guess.

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