Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marvin Can't Meow

But I need to go shopping and unpack and stuff, so I won't write that much until tomorrow.
But I have a question.
What does it mean if your cat can't meow? Marvin used to, but now he just opens his mouth and nothing happens.
It's both sort of sad and funny at the same time.
He's not old (HE TURNED ONE ON THE 6TH), so I really don't know.
I wonder if someone could help me on this?
Also, how do you tell the difference between male and female cantaloupe flowers?
And tell time from where the sun is in the sky?
And make a perfect Turks head on your bassoon reeds?
And get good flan after trying twenty times?
And how to move Urban Outfitters closer to yourself since you got to go to one twice and you want to go again?
Seriously, I don't usually buy a lot. I JUST LIKE TO LOOK.
But I did buy a cat shirt there and a pair of printed leggings. And a bracelet.
Oh, just a side note I was watching that show Sam and Cat (because I was waiting for Project Runway to load on my computer), and I noticed that under Sam's red sweatshirt, she was wearing MY TAROT CARD MUSCLE SHIRT I BOUGHT FROM URBAN.
Well, the same one, not mine exactly.
Okay, bye.

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