Monday, July 1, 2013

Wreck this Journal (#2)

Hello, (insert name here)!
It'd be July first, and that means than we are in the second month of summer!
Whoo hoo!

The next few weeks are going to be super duper crazy for me since I'm not really going to be able to post, but I'm going to figure something out. Hehehe.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about something in this world that makes me really happy.
Wreck this Journal.
I'm currently on my second one(AND IT'S EXTENDED), and I love using it and coming up with creative ways to destroy it.
Basically, the whole idea of the book is to read the instructions on each page, and follow them.  These instructions tell you how to destroy the journal, but they are just guidelines. It's up to you to use your imagination and creativity to follow each sort of challenge, and it's really fun to do.
The thing is, everyone wrecks it differently.

I've seen pictures of people who make it entirely into an art project, and it becomes something insanely gorgeous while being a pure representation of their own selves. Others destroy it until there is almost nothing left, and for some reason, this is still amazing and beautiful. After I got mine, a lot of my friends got their own, and it was cool to see what happened to them over time. My friend Ariana* was the first to show me it, and that's how I learned about it.
My one friend, Olive,* made hers super colorful, and it was fun to page through and see what she did to each page. My other friend Mitzi* COMPLETELY destroyed hers, and had to carry it around in a plastic bag because it was so sticky.
And I thought that was great.

On the first couple pages, the author (Keri Smith) conveys that this book is a representation of "creative destruction" and that "you may begin to live more recklessly".
That is absolutely true.
For me, I used the book to reach out to people. I still have my first book (I thought I lost it, but I found it recently). It is definitely not one of the prettiest, or the most destroyed. But about 75% of mine was done in collaboration with other people, and that's what I like the most about it. There are names of people inside it, their drawings, their writing, their own creativity. I would ask anyone (during some free time) if they wanted to help me with it, and a lot did. I actually got to know some people better because of it, and we became friends.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, go get one of these books. Seriously. It is so much fun if you are a teenager, a kid, a young adult, or a adult that is young on the inside. You might just see destruction differently.

Okay, change of subject.
I don't feel like doing quotes anymore, so I'm going to come up with something else to  end the posts with. Also, since I won't be posting for awhile, I might just put gifs up or something and see what happens.
Yeparoo. See you later.
*This name is not theirs. It's theirs in my protective imagination bubble of greatness.
(P.S I like Domo!)

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