Friday, July 12, 2013

Derp... (Week of Weirdness #7)

I ran out of ideas. This is the last post I guess for W.o.W. Hope it was fun for everybody.
Alright so for today I decided to share something I do when I need ideas. I start with one word and keep writing the next thing I think of until I have a chain of words. I call these my Word Chains.
So I'll do one right now.
Gumball, dirt, ice, music, red, popsicle, summer, pool, water, fridge, cat, mouse, ladybug, iPod, drinks, biscotti, croissant, Naked Juice, grass, lilies, tomato, space, ice cream, fried chicken, sprinkles, moon, kelp, otter, pine tree, leather, purse, gloves, hat, Slurpee, internet, late, terror!
Yeah that was fun!
I may get back late so there won't be a post for tomorrow, but then I leave again so I might do another Week of Weirdness of something.
Hasta luego.

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