Friday, December 20, 2013

Cream Post (Color Post 2 or 3 Because I Don't Remember)

When I was little, every time I would get a new babysitter, I would ask them what their favorite color was (this was sort of a test to see how cool they were).
One time this one girl Alicia* said her favorite color was cream. And at first I thought this was stupid. "Isn't that just white?" I asked. And she replied how it was so much more.
While cream probably isn't my favorite color, I've come to appreciate it more now. It's the color of those little butterflies that used to float around my garden, the color of espresso-tinged foam the latte you need to keep you warm and cozy, the color of vintage lace worn by time.
It also sort of reminds me of the holidays, so I got together this montage for all of y'all.
free people november catalog karlie kloss
Modern Romantic Princess. Cream Ivory Mesh Tulle Full Skirt. Summer
Latte foam. Photo by Lene pels Jørgensen
Silk Charmeuse - Cream
Ice Cream Trees
So that's it. Hope everyone has a warm, safe, and happy holiday!
*Not her real name.

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