Monday, December 2, 2013

Working on Wreck This Journal

I finally have had some down time to work on it again (even though I should be working on school projects).
The problem is that once I start wrecking, I get kind of obsessed and do around ten pages at a time until I finish them, and then I taper off after a day and forget about it.
So this is the cycle that my work has fallen into, and by tomorrow I'll be back at school and will forget about the whole book until Christmas break.
But for now, I'll show you one of the pages that I think I'm basically finished with. I did it late last night, because that is the best time of day for destroying your journal for some reason. Perhaps it's because its dark and you turn up your music loud (on your headphones) and you just finished a jar of Nutella and everything is working out in the world.
Well, you know, for me at least.
So here's the page!

P.S I was really twitchy when writing this post so sorry if the words sound funny. I look back on this and don't think that the order and flow was superb.

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