Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've probably talked about how much I love the movie Skyfall in at least five posts, but I really liked Sévérine and was pretty depressed when she died. (Sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven't watched the movie yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR ABOUT TWO YEARS? DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK? THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF THE MOST STOLEN OFF OF NETFLIX OR SOMETHING!*)
But one of the most impressive things in the movie is her dress, and I have now watched this video about it 23 times, so I now shall share it with you so you can marvel at its beauty and how it helps express Sévérine as a character.
I hope you like it.
*I think I read this in Time Magazine or MSN or something. But I could have mistaken it with Inception since I love both of the movies almost equally. Don't quote me on this. And don't judge.

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