Monday, September 2, 2013

If You're Thinking About Getting A Pixie...

GO FOR IT! I got mine two months ago, and I absolutely love it. It was a really good decision for me, because I have EXTREMELY thick hair, and it used to be pretty long. It was very unmanageable and all over the place, and it could be frizzy and/or wavy depending on the day.
But when I got my hair cut, it was great. My hair stylist did a fantastic job, and it looked cute and adorable and  just me. The first couple days after, however, I wasn't really digging it completely. My hair was poofy and I really hadn't mastered any techniques on how to keep it controlled, and the unbearable humidity wasn't helping it either. But after a week I got my regimen down, and it was easy from there.
My hair does take more time and effort than what I was putting in before (basically nothing), but it's worth it. The only other problem is that it's a bit more expensive to take care of, since my hair is still sort of crazy, and grows extremely fast so I need to get it cut more often, i.e. every month. Then again, with my long hair, I used to get my hair cut every couple of months (or more like six).
If you are thinking of getting a pixie, though, DO IT! It basically looks good on any face, and there are so many styles, like my longer, heavier bang look, to what Emma Watson had recently, which seems so many months ago.
Take these examples!
Natalie Portman.
Emma Watson.
See, I even have Beyoncé on board! We've been conspiring for awhile... ;)
And if someone says something about how it looks un-feminine or it doesn't fit all face shapes, this is totally untrue. Tell them that, and go on your merry-way and do what you want. But before that, go point them in Beyoncé's direction, please.

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