Saturday, September 7, 2013

Leibster Award

Good morning chilluns!
How's it going for all of you? On a roller coaster that only goes up? Sorry, I like quoting The Fault in Our Stars. Read it if you haven't already!
Anyway, I was sort of nominated for the Leibster Award. Actually, not really. Lizzy Ratajcak of the blog flight of the flamingo   nominated all of her readers, and I chose to go with it, because, hey, I like her blog muchos and I really wanted to do one of these awards. From what I gather on her blog (I haven't heard about this anywhere else), you answer the eleven questions, you nominate eleven other people who have under 200 followers, you write eleven questions for them, and then you say eleven things about yourself. You also thank the person who nominated you and then you link back to them (click on the link above!). So thanks Lizzy, for sort of nominating me!
This should be fun!
Okay, eleven things about me...
1. I have three cats, Cassidy (he's a guy), Buster, Marvin. I also had a stray cat for three days named Sniffles.
2. I love entertaining people. I like making them laugh, cry, be silly, or really anything. I just like to preform, and make them happy.
3. I have a bunch of alter-egos, and I like them all.
4. I love coffee and tea, and I love to support local cafes and bakery.
5. I enjoy vintage clothing and thrift shopping, but don't get to do it very much. I feel like I need a mentor to do it right.
6. I love to read, but I never have enough books! I can't get used to my kindle for some reason, don't get to go to the library much, and don't like to buy a lot of books because it really adds up. I recently just reread The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, and I loved reading it for the second time.
7. I don't use social media. This is basically the only thing about me on the internet. I really don't want to be connected to everyone all the time and have them know everything about me.
8. The fear I have most in life is not being remembered. I fear that once I die, no one will remember who I was and what I did. Maybe everybody fears this?
9. I like make-up on other people, but not necessarily on me. I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE GIVE ME MAKEOVERS THOUGH, because then I feel like a princess (which, duh, everybody is all the time).
10. I recently learned about the joy which is K-pop.
11. I get a rush from playing and preforming music, but when I listen to even the top groups preform the same piece, it never returns.

Alright, time to answer the other questions from flight of the flamingo!

1) What was your favorite book as a child?
I memorized the whole book of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, which made my preschool teacher think I could read. But I loved books as a kid, and to entertain me, my mom would put out a basket of books while she was cooking or cleaning.
2) What's the biggest/longest fight you've ever had with a friend or boy/girlfriend?
Okay, this is pretty dumb, but in elementary school my one friend was convinced my birthday was a day earlier than it actually is. When she told me "Happy Birthday", and I told her it was the next day, she didn't believe me. She asked my mom, who said the same thing as I did, and she thought she was in on the trick too. It took six months of convincing before she actually realized I was telling the truth. We laugh about it now, and she'll sometimes tell me happy birthday on the day before.
3) What's your favorite holiday, and why?
I love Thanksgiving, basically because it brings your whole family together and you get to stuff yourselves and realize how much you missed your family while you are playing Bonco (a dice game we play for prizes, probably Slovak) and eating pugatch (definitely Slovak).
4) What would you consider your spirit animal (animal you most identify with)?
Toughie. The thing is, I'll go for the side that not many people see.
For my quieter, more personal side, a falcon, because I like to plan my moves and watch everything from a far, and I try not to get in the fray, especially with drama and popularity. But I have an excitement streak, and I love to go fast and take risks.
5) Favorite artist/designer/musician?
ARRRRGH QUESTION TOO HARD! I discussed why I have a problem with this in an earlier post.
6) What hobbies do you do?
I fence, but haven't done any tournaments yet, and also compete in forensics. Hopefully, I'll join Drama club this year, and I'm thinking of doing tennis or crew next year. More on my hobbies below.
7) Do you play an instrument or sing?
I started playing piano when I was really young, and I now play bassoon as well, which is my primary instrument. For marching band I play xylophone, and hopefully marimba again, along with some auxiliary percussion. I bought and taught myself some ukulele, and I also have a didgeridoo. I have an ocarina as well, but it's not the best and I can't find it at the moment.
8) What celebrity would you most like to meet?
Florence Welch. She seems really humble and cool, and I'd love to hear her sing live.
9) Do you have siblings? How many? Older or younger?
One younger brother. I'm not mentioning his name for privacy.
10) Describe yourself in 10 words.
Dreamer who loves to entertain, loud and proud, never stops.
11) What got you started blogging?
I really like writing, and sometimes I used to write letters to people that were very similar to blog posts. I also wanted to see my writing on a website, and again, I love to entertain.
Whoop whoop! Now for my questions...
1.What's your biggest fear in life?
2. Who do you look up to the most?
3. You're stranded on a desert island, and you have the absolute necessities (food, water, shelter). What is the one thing you would bring?
4. Favorite movie/book/comic book/tv-show character? And what similarities do you both have?
5. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
6. What is the thing that disgusts you the most?
7.What is your favorite quote? Why does it have meaning to you?
8. What is your biggest passion that is unknown to a lot of people around you?
9. If you could learn a new skill or trade, what would it be?
10. Is there a habit you have that you'd like to break? If so, what is it?
11.(and this is going to be a copy from the question  I was asked, but, sorry, I think it's interesting) What made you want to start blogging?
So yeah. Blogs I nominate include  My Life Thus Far, To Keep Me Grounded, This Kid is Alright, Unlocking Pandora's Box, The Fashion √Čtudiante, and anyone else who feels like they want to do this award because I really don't know a whole lot of blogs (slightly embarrassing).
 Also I know that some people have done this award multiple times, and I hope this doesn't bother you.
Thanks for everything!

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