Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some More Reviews of Thing in My Life

Lady Gaga's Fame Body Lotion
This is part of her fragrance line Fame, which I had heard both good and bad things about. So while I was freaking out and running around T.J. Maxx and admiring its great treasures, I saw this on sale and was like, "What the heck? Let's try it." So I bought it and opened the box and smelled it, and thought it was okay, nothing special. Later, I put some on, and thought it smelled a little bit better. Then I sniffed it later and realized IT WAS AMAZING. I don't wear it everyday, and probably will put it on when I want to smell good for something special, but sometimes I put it on before bed and I sleep better. I couldn't tell you the exact ingredients (that's what Sephora is for), but it's sort of fruity and flowery, but not overwhelmingly so. I just like it.
 FOUR STARS! (Because it's black but disappears when on your skin and that's cool.)
Equate After Sun Cool Lime Spray
So a couple months ago, I went on a mission trip. We rented a van to take down, and on both ways it was filled with girls and all of their crap/food/bottles of drinks. Four days ago, a couple months after our trip, we were cleaning out a room and then a bag was plopped down with things that we left in the van. Along with the usual socks, flashlights, sunglasses and other stuff, I found this. It was unopened, and I was very interested. I actually thought it was sunscreen, but I asked if it was anybody's, then preceded to tear off the plastic and spray it all over myself. AND IT SMELLED AMAZING! It was like a mini tropical vacation, and I continued to spray it around the room and all over until I was satisfied. It now resides in my room, where it waits for another day to be used to bring smiles to everyone it graces
I give it FIVE STARS because of how great it smells and how the sheer randomness of the product and where I found it made my day.
My Swan Pants
I have talked about my swan pants before. They are one of my favorite articles of clothing, but I don't wear them often because a.) I can't wear leggings to school unless I have something to cover my butt and b.) wearing swan pants too often gets you addicted, so that is all you ever want to wear. On the trip to T.J Maxx that I mentioned before, I wore my swan pants so I could get a sweater to cover my butt so I could wear them to school, along with some huge wedge booties that make me feel like Beyonc√© in the awesomeness department. I went to pay, and the clerk told me she loved my pants and asked where I got them from (Modcloth). When I wear them I always have a good day, no matter what, and that is just the joy that comes with wearing swan pants. I suggest you get a piece of clothing like them, something you feel great in and get comments on, because no matter what is happening, you'll feel just a little bit better.
Too many stars for me to write down. Sorry.
My Phone
I have no idea the of the exact name of my phone, but we have a love-hate relationship. It drops calls, will send multiples of the same text, dies all the time, and is the exact size that it is easy to loose, but is still clunky-ish to carry around. But if it gets wet, left outside, dropped down some stairs,or left in an auditorium for three days (at least I think), it will still be okay. It will get lost, but it will always return. It may or may not get stolen, but is so horrible and worthless that nobody wants it after they realize it isn't an iPhone so that in the middle of a lecture it will appear out of thin air and crash to the floor, and some child will hold it up and be like, "I FOUND A PHONE!" This is the way it has been, and this is the way it shall be. A relationship full of understanding.
3 stars. That's all I got to say on the subject.
The Orange Halloween Oreos
These Oreos are better than the original. I have no idea why.
2 stars. Oreos make me sick if I eat too many (which happens with the orange ones).
Do you use/like any of these products? Do you agree with me on any of them?
SHARING MEANS CARING! Have a good day!

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