Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Old Blog

So when I was in sixth grade, we used this program called Moodle a lot. Along with  school assignments, it allowed you to create a profile and use this sort of texting function (on the computer), which everyone thought they were so cool for using. Anyways, you could also have a blog, and I did, and I totally forgot about it until I had to restart using Moodle again for my one class. And look what I wrote...
Tuesday, 6 April 2010, 01:11 PM
Anyone on this site
WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING Ok, I need to tell you this. Today I found a cracker on the ground at recess. I gave it to my friend,          (friend I took out for privacy), and screamed, "NOW YOU HAVE THE CRACKER TOUCH" after the book Diary of A Wimpy Kid "cheese touch." She freaked out and touched another person, who in turn touched another and so on. The touch spread faster than the H1N1 flu. Now a unsuspecting               (kid I took out name of for privacy) has it and he doesn't know. Everyone who already touched the cracker has the vaccine. Good ridance. dead

Yeah. I kept all the posts I made, and while deleting them off my old site, I decided to post the others on a rainy day when I have no other ideas for a post.
It's so weird. I only remember writing the ones about the goldfish.
P.S All the parentheses are added today.

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