Monday, September 23, 2013

Rambling On Since I Didn't Come up with an Idea For A Post

My cat looked like a puffball today. He was sitting in the yard, watching me, eyeing my movements, making sure nothing random happened. He doesn't really like the cold, but was trying to catch the last rays of summer and its warmth, and ended up just rolling around on the ground. My toes skimmed the wet leaves, and I went to my compost pile, where all the bugs had dug as deep as they possibly could to avoid the chill. On the surface of the compost there was a mixture of rotten summer cantaloupe killed by frost, decomposing grass clippings, and corn husks. Nothing special. The tip of my nose was freezing, and goose bumps appeared on my legs where the shorts weren't covering them. I walked around my house, seeing if everything was the same, at least as it was the last fall. The same trees were turning first as always, the colors in different areas their usual patchwork. Everything was returning to what it had been, and I was comforted by both the smell of fall in the air and the familiarity of it all.

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