Saturday, September 7, 2013


I love glitter. This may surprise some people for the fact of I am not the girliest of girly-girls (except when it comes to lace dresses), but I love glitter. Especially gold glitter.
Glitter is so fantastic because it instantly makes everything it touches look more magical and shiny (the best combination). The only thing that I don't like  that involves glitter are those lotions that smell amazing, and then you put them on your face (dry skin) and then somebody be all like "WHAT ON YO' FACE?" and your face gets the look like "Whaaaaaat?" and then you remember your lotion that smells like midnight plums or whatever had sparkles in it.
Mmmmhmmm I understand.
So I just wanted to share all things glitter for today.
Website seems legit...
A special section of my glitter obsession dabbles in shoes.
Ooooh, gurrrl.
Black or dark gray glitter is also pretty epic.

Do you like glitter? One of my favorite teachers liked it as long as it wasn't all over her things and desk (drama club's fault), and I have a friend who knows someone who is totally afraid of it. Maybe it's the texture?

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