Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I've Lost My Phone

Again. For the millionth time.
But phone, I want you to know,
I have lost you so many times. In the park, in an auditorium, in my room (where you are probably hiding now), at my friend's house. You have gotten wet, covered in snow, extremely warm, and have fallen out of my pockets onto what seems to be a never ending staircase.
But you have been there for me. You always eventually revive, even if it takes days. You always leave just enough battery to call or text some one that I need to be picked up before your light blinks out. And I know that it is my fault for not knowing where you are, even though I am racking my brains in order to find you.
You are perfect the awkward way you are, and I could never imagine myself with an iPhone.
Seriously, could you see me with an iPhone? That thing would look like it went through the garbage disposal the same hour I got it. It would have stains that wouldn't come off and be cracked beyond repair and have this new IOS seven thingy that people tell me is horrible but I really don't understand.
So if you read this, phone, please come back. Because I need you.
Really, I do.

Hahahaha, I really just wanted to be random and write this. So I did. But I really wonder where my phone is. So please come back.

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