Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Was Yesterday.

I had no idea what to write, and my voice was gone so that for some reason inhibits by brain from thinking straight, probably because all my thoughts were stuck inside my head and couldn't leave my mouth. But I like listing so here it is!
-woke up after coming home late at night after party
-remembered that I was losing my voice near the end
-made Godiva chocolate coffee
-played Plants vs. Zombies
-contemplated working on homework
-did not
-got dressed and cleaned up
-watched Youtube videos
-ate lunch (goat cheese and pear panini I made myself)
-got music and things together
-said goodbye to my aunt
-left for orchestra
-played in orchestra and was awkward since I didn't know anybody well
-packed up
-went to Wegmans
-freaked out (as usual)
-got three different types of soup and sushi
-drove home
-ate food
-thought about doing homework
-wrote this list
Basically it was pretty lazy and fun.

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