Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Next Blog Thing

Sometimes at the top of Blogger it has a "Next Blog" button that allows you to go through a bunch of blogs. However, whenever I click on it I ALWAYS GET BLOGS THAT ARE IN ITALIAN! However much I love Italy and dream of going there someday (and eating my way through each part of the country), I can't read Italian very well. Well, at all. Maybe somehow the internet knows about the book I bought at BAM awhile ago that is supposed to help you with Italian by giving pronunciation with English words and pictures?
If so, it may get to the point where I'm so afraid of my computer I go live as a hermit on a tropical island. With my (future) pet chicken named Chimichurri and my bassoon Benito Benvolio Bentucci Bertrolli (MAYBE THE INTERNET KNOWS ABOUT THIS TOO?).

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