Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's next?

There are some things that I just can't understand to their fullest capacity. Like how there is so much music in the world and it is basically all original in its own way. Or how the funny story I made up yesterday will soon be lost in the depths of my mind, and I'll never remember it again. How people are each so different, how memories are perceived in a unique way by separate people, and realizing the people that you care the most about now will disappear sometime in your life, moving away from you or forgetting you, or maybe you'll be the one to disappear first.
It's all so crazy and weird and great and so hard to really take in.
So this is what I wrote late last night, when everything seems to take on a different form, and you really have the time to think alone in silence, by yourself, right before you drift off to sleep.
I realize that I will never truly know all the answers, no matter if I want to, and I kind of accept it.
So this post was weird too, and maybe more about the feelz, but it felt good just to write it.
The end.

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