Saturday, October 19, 2013

Okay, Maybe I Lied

It's earlier in the morning and I'm getting ready to head out on my crazy day. Even though I'm excited to be dressed up, I'm more excited to be dressed up WHILE EATING FROZEN YOGURT!
My friend, Juni*, and I were talking about this yesterday. We were trying to decide what makes frozen yogurt so darn special. And even though I think its taste is superior to ice cream, we decided it was the process.
As I have talked about frozen yogurt on here before, I'm just going to do a little recap on what happens.
1.You go to a fancy machine. You decide what flavor you want. Then you pull a magic lever and a noise sounds like a machine that is coming from the future.
2. A huge amount slowly swirls into your bowl, and you start to smile.
3. You stop when you realize that 10 pounds of yogurt is going to cost you, as well as messing with your body for a couple of days.
4. You go put on toppings, opting for the lighter, but still the tastiest ones (coconut, bobas, gummy bears)
5. You put it on the scale and see how much your creation ways, AND BOOM! It's yours, along with a colorful spoon and all the free water you want. And the container of course.
 So yeah, I need to run NOW! But I just wanted to put that in.
*Juni is not her real name. Her middle name doesn't start with B, and doesn't end with Jones either.

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