Monday, June 17, 2013

Friends for Thought

Hey everyone.
I know that yesterday I posted about some of my thoughts, but this is one I have for today.
Okay, so I was looking through other people's blogs and stuff, and I found one and started reading.
It turned out that the blogger and I had a lot in common, especially with art, music, and books, which was really cool, and I was going to leave a comment about this.

But then I didn't because I felt bad and thought that she would think I was only writing this so she would read my blog.
This started me thinking, however.

What if your friends really loved everything you do/like?
I mean, the reason you become friends with someone usually starts with a similarity between two people, and this gives you something to talk about. But if that person likes everything you do and agrees with everything you say, you really wouldn't want to be with them sometimes (or really at all), because there wouldn't really be a point to your relationship.
You're would almost be interacting with a copy of yourself, which you already sort of do in your mind and thoughts everyday.
So that'd be really weird.
I realized that all of the friends that I have are all different, and I love that about them. Sometimes I don't agree with what they say, and that makes me happy in the long run, because it shows that they have their own voice and they aren't going to go along with what everyone else says, including what I say. They have a unique talent and personality, which makes them fun to be with and allows us to brainstorm and overcome conflicts and challenges.

And I really appreciate it.
So I guess this post is sort of sappy, but I really mean it, that I'm glad all my friends are their own person because it makes my life and the lives around us better.
Ugh, I hope this wasn't too weird. It was just me thinking really late at night.
Hahaha that feels much better.
So quote for today.
"An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind."
That ends this post. Goodnight world.

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