Tuesday, June 25, 2013


You know the moment when you just finished cleaning the bathroom, and you grab a vanilla bean soda and you're settled in your favorite chair, and you flip to the channel that you previously looked up (4 days ago) and said it was showing the Pirate of the Caribbean movie at three? And you're all ready for pirates and Jack Sparrow and jars of dirt and everything and you find out  that your T.V doesn't support that channel?

Yeah, I thought so.
Well good morning (and I guess evening) children! Today is a new day!

Log Cabin Day, to be exact.
So go celebrate your dilapidated, smallish, wooden house with the stove that caught on fire that one time and the bathroom that is less than dependable!

I'm pretty excited about life if you couldn't tell. Must be the pop.
Well, as you know, I write about pretty much anything I feel like writing about, but sometimes I run out of ideas. Actually, this happens a lot. Those are mostly the days I don't post anything.
I would look towards the comments, but obviously that doesn't really work out, so I go to the next best thing...
Yeah, so I really didn't have an idea for this post either. Oh well.
That's where gifs come in!
Well, I really should get a quote in.
"Yes, frosting. The final defense of dying."
-Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games
Never. Forget. Frosting.
Even if it makes you sick when you eat it.

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