Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Plight at Being Vegan

So I know I didn't post again yesterday, but I have no excuses. So I continue my effort to try to post everyday, and I'm working out the kinks as I go.
Alrighty, so today as I was looking at other blogs trying to think of what to write, I thought of my 6 month trial of being vegan.
And how much I failed at it.
Here's the story.

How I Tried to Be Vegan and My Ultimate Failure
Now, I love animals and everything, but that wasn't my reason for going vegan. I could probably easily be vegetarian, since I really don't enjoy meat as much as I used to when I was younger (like the time when I was eight and ate an 18 ounce steak. And mashed potatoes. And green beans. And two rolls.). But the real reason I tried to go vegan because I wanted to test myself and see how some people live. I always try testing myself, seeing what I can let go or how long I can wait to do something (or hold my pee as you already know, but that wasn't really a choice). And so I decided to try being vegan.

Note: I LOVE DAIRY PRODUCTS! I love cheese so much I could live off of it, obviously I like gelato more than an average person should, and I used to drink a humongous glass of milk everyday (I hated it until I was in the fourth grade, then got obsessed, and now I'm backing off again mainly due to my veganism plight).

But I thought I could do this. And so I began my journey.
Family dinners didn't work very well. My parents weren't going to go meat-less and dairy-less just because I said so, even if we eat vegetarian meals at least twice a week. So I vowed to be a vegan in every other aspect of life, and eat as little meat and dairy as possible during dinner.

I know I wasn't totally meat/dairy free. But I really wanted to do this, to be as vegan as I possibly could, and if you really look at the facts, being vegan is better for and environment as well as being good for you. And I care about the environment and try to do the best that I can to be as earth friendly as possible taking in the consideration of where I live.

But back to being vegan.
I'm mostly going to talk about how this came into play on my weekends just because that's where the most problems occurred, and not at school lunch, where I figured out a plan (i.e coffee without real/dairy cream).
If I was at home, I was okay. I had vegan Amy's soup and frozen meals, and I didn't really crave dairy.
And at some restaurants, I was okay. Thai had plenty of options, along with cafes, while Red Robin did not (I broke one day and ate there, and felt gross the next day).

But at forensics, I felt bad because I was creating problems. At first I was like, hey, I can survive on gummy worms! Then I found out they had gelatin in them.

So I started bring Odwalla bars and drinking Naked Juice, and it was okay. But people still felt bad about lunch tickets and stuff, and I kept telling them that it didn't matter.

But I screwed up a lot, and people realized that I wasn't really trying.
I was at first. But after so long, you can only stare at the back of the packages of all your food before you freak out. You avoid the obvious offenders of course.
But most of the time you just eat stuff and don't question what's in it (like cake).
And then when people ask you if you're still vegan, you say not really.

(Not sure why/what this photo is or means, but I added it.)
The one thing I can say is that when I was "vegan", I felt better. Like, more awake, and for some reason I could breathe easier.
The downside is that you're always hungry.
So maybe someday when I live in a place that is more hospitable to people who don't/ can't eat meat or dairy, I'll try it again. But I don't want people to feel bad or be annoyed by what I'm trying to do, or my ideas.
But I guess that's their problem.
Sorry about my rant and all, but that's all I really wanted to talk about today.
"Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."
Sigh. I hope I can figure out what I want to do. I love making music, but I know I don't practice enough, and don't really know what I would do with it to create it into a job. But I have a couple years to figure that out.
I also have to find somewhere to volunteer, because I need something to do and I also admit I have to get it out of the way.
Well, I'll see everybody later. I WILL POST TOMORROW! :)

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