Friday, June 7, 2013


So yeah, today was filled his memories, sadness, and a lot of gelato.
Gelato probably being the least important.

But so good......
Anyways, I said goodbye to a lot of my friends who are going off to college, and I know I'm going to miss them. A lot.
It was rainy today, and even though I love it when it rains, it seemed different today, as if colder and dark, even regretful. That was pretty depressing.
Today was technically my last day of school (even if I wasn't in it), and that made me sort of sad too. I had a really good year, and hopefully I remember all the random things that happened.
I was also bored to tears today.
I wanted to do a DIY, but didn't have what I needed to do it. I wanted to play a game, but had no one to play it with. I wanted to sleep, but my body said, "NOOOOOOOO!"
I wanted to cry, but apparently after not doing that for four years, it doesn't work either.

It took me forever to write something, because I had nothing to say. I was going to do a post on how Las Vegas is scary, but then I didn't want to freak people out so I didn't.
I need ideas, and I know this post in whiny, but I really can't think of anything.

Walrus and seal edition.
Okay, quote time.
"Experience: the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God you learn."
-C.S Lewis
So try everything, do what you can with the time you have, and always clean your sink drain at least once a month.
'Cause it gonna get nasty up in there.


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