Monday, June 3, 2013

GUMMY WORM ADVENTURE! (Summer so close....)

Hey everybody!
I know I took a mini break from posting (tsk, tsk, tsk), but I really needed it to study and right now is sort of my break in time for today. So I decided just to write about my day, because, hey, what the heck.
I woke up early. YEAH! Then I fell asleep again..........but I got up and got ready for school. Took a final, and then I had a break and was walking around school with my friends. We wanted food, but the only place that we could think to go is for pizza, and we were lazy. So we were walking to the playground.

"Why don't we go to that gas station that isn't that far away? I want cake." Everyone thought that was a good idea, so we started walking. I was jumping over speed bumps, being a weirdo like usual, and it was a good time.
Except after three minutes, my one friend stopped. "What if we're late for finals? I don't want to be late."
Well everyone chickened out basically, except my one friend, so we kept walking. But then we started getting worried, so we started to jog. And then we realized that the gas station was A LOT farther away than we thought, so we flat out started running. We hopped across the street, and were thinking about going back, but I wanted to press on.
So we got to the gas station, and as the other girl got ice cream and a Milky Way, I realized that you can't get cake at a gas station.
I should have realized that earlier......

Okay, so if you are not a gummy candy enthusiast, you will probably not understand how happy this made me. These are the best gummy candies ever! Even better than that two foot long gummy snake I ate at lunch one time and I felt like something vaguely blueberry flavored was crawling around in my stomach. (Rookie does candy reviews, which I deeply enjoy, and they mention TSBCs here.)
Back to the story, I did my happy dance, and grabbed a pack, along with some Sourpatch Kids Watermelons for good measure, and headed toward the counter. Since there weren't any prices on the candy, I took a gamble and placed my treasure on the counter with the only three dollars I had, and successfully paid with thirty two cents to spare.

We booked it out of there once we paid, and after meeting up with some friends temporarily (as I screamed across the road about my gas station score), we kept moving. We slowed our pace (we were supposed to wait, but didn't want to), and walked back to school. We contemplated jumping in a pool, but thought better of it because one of the only things worse than finals is taking finals soaking wet while everyone and the teacher stares at you.
We cut through the sketchy overgrown path, and go whacked in the face by trees and weeds. We actually did this before, but I forgot to mention it. A lot more painful the first time.
We jogged up the hill, being proud of ourselves. The Watermelons, ice cream, and Milky Way were finished, and we got back to school with almost an hour to spare.
Our epic journey was complete, and it took us less than twenty minutes.
Also, all my friends who had gone back proceeded to eat my gummy worms.
Moral of the story: Epic journeys for cake ultimately end in candy, with your slightly lazy (but loveable) friends consuming a large portion of it.
But everything works out.

My hair smells like a pool (I went swimming), and I'm full of sweet potato puree with almond butter. Summer's a comin'. Just wait a little longer for more days of riding bikes without your hands on the handlebars, running through high grass and weeds during manhunt, and wondering what type bird likes to ram itself into your window at five in the morning.
Okay, time for a quote.
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
-Robert Frost
Thank goodness for Robert Frost. I read his poems from a huge musty book in the creaking library down town on the days where it is raining and you can taste it in the air before it happens.
P.S I know it doesn't matter, but there are going to be two weeks in July where it is going to be impossible to write since I will be away. Or maybe I'll figure something out?

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