Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weird things You Do with Your Friends

Hey, stuff happens. But your friends are there, and you do whatever you can together to make the time pass faster and to make it worthwhile.
Like this.

Animation of two people laughing in the library (im-not-your-noona via Tumblr)
Hey, I don't judge.
So I felt like writing about all the weird things I do with my friends. Except I'm gonna change their names for their privacy. Also, I like using random names.
1. The "Ting" Head Touch
Okay, so one of my alter-egos is name Ting (long story that I'll explain some other time). Well, when my friend Latifah*found this out, she got really excited, and now when she sees me in the hallways, we both freak out, run towards each other, almost touch our heads together and yell, "TING!" like one would if trying to imitate a bell. It's pretty awesome, and everyone else sort of stares awkwardly and wishes they were us. Okay maybe not, but that is their problem.
So everyone knows about the meme, but I'm fluent in the language. I speak it, but am also able to text in it. So I started using it all the time, and now my friend Monique* speaks it too, and we talk to each other. People freak out, and of course the cool ones join in, and it's like we have our own weird little nation. Well, I guess a nation of people who can't talk right since their mouth is messed up or something...

3. Mexican Rainbow
Okay, so when I joined Ski Club in 8th grade, I began riding coach buses a lot. Then one time, there was this one that had a rainbow on the ceiling, and for some reason I thought it looked like those Mexican blankets with the colors and stuff (obviously that was a great description :p), so I yelled out, "MEXICAN RAINBOW!" And it became sort of a joke.
But then this year, I started riding more buses for forensics, and I looked up at the ceiling on one morning and yelled, "MEXICAN RAINBOW" and got really excited and happy and started laughing, and after explaining it to some of my friends, they thought it was funny. So now when we get a Mexican Rainbow Bus, Latoya*, Shaniqua*, and I scream, "MEXICAN RAINBOW"! And it's great.
Fun Fact: I once found part of a wine cork on a Mexican Rainbow Bus.
(tiny pic of MEXICAN RAINBOW)
You know how when you're with your friends all you talk about is Chipotle? And when people are like, "What's a Chipotle?" your posse is like, "OH NO YOU DID-N'T!" and you talk about the joys of huge burritos and happiness and all the fillings and how awesome it is. And then when you are in D.C but you're not supposed to leave the National Mall but there is a Chipotle just three blocks away everyone whimpers and heads towards a food truck because you really don't want to get in trouble? Oh, you don't? Huh..... that's weird...... I guess you and your friends don't have something special.
5. Awkward Stuff Happens But It's All Okay
Like when your friend sews your shirt onto you, or you check each other for food stains, or you pick them up when they are passing out in front of the vending machine.
There's brushing crap off their butt after sitting in the grass, shoving stuff back into their pockets, fixing other clothing malfunctions, sleeping in the same bed in hotels, or eating pasta out of glasses at midnight.
It's pretending to be a mermaid while flopping around on a rock in your swimsuit and singing a song from Aladdin and not from The Little Mermaid (sorry, I swore it was "A Whole New World"), finishing sentences, lending clothing and swimsuits, and falling down on your face.
But's it's okay because these things happen and your friends are there and you'll always remember it.
So appreciate your friends if you don't realize how special they are and be glad you have them.
Quote for today!
Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one
Thanks to C.S Lewis.
Okay that's all for today. I gotta go eat ice cream or something.
*Awesome name. Not that I don't like my friends' actual names They are all pretty cool too.

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