Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today I wanted to talk about my cat Buster, because I couldn't think of anything else. Also, he's been super needy lately.
1. Can't pee in a litter box. He always misses.
2. Has pika. Meaning he eats things that aren't food (i.e photos and plastic and erasers.)
3. Once was in the vets office for a week because he had a mental break down and didn't pee and it just built up until his kidneys were ready to burst.
4. Has a dose of catnip everyday so he doesn't get anxious (also since his medicine was expensive and he got stressed out when we tried to give it to him.)
5. Likes it when I put him in high spaces, such as trees, bookshelves, windows, and swing sets.
6. Sniffs the rear of any cat.
7. Will bite you in the bathroom unless you shut the door.
8. Sits on the toilet and meows at shadows if the lights aren't on in the bathroom.
9. Doesn't like human food. Weirdo.
10. Is the best cuddly cat anybody could have.
So yep, that's him. I included a picture below!
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Actually, that's him as a behbeh.
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This is when he discovered fire!
Sorry, the picture is very tiny.
So yes, that was my post.
Our Lady of Andalusia. Julio Romero de Torres.

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