Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Cat Sat on A Snake (A Very True Story)

Yesterday, my cat Marvin was frolicking outside. He had caught some rodent type animal and ate it, and came to me for approval, to which I patted him awkwardly on the head and said, "Good job." Later, as I was doing my summer assignments on the driveway, I saw him running towards me with something stringy in his mouth. As I got closer, I realized it was a snake, and proceeded to yell, "MARVIN, PUT IT DOWN! WE DON'T EAT SNAKES! THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS!" He dropped it in confusion, and as it tried to slither away unnoticed, he found it again and started batting at it, keeping it held down under one paw. I tried to distract him by moving a stick in the grass, which sort of worked, but in the process he sat on top of the snake.
I wasn't sure of what to do at this point, so I sort of watched this unfold.
Eventually, my other cat Buster came to investigate, and as Marvin got up, the snake was freed.
And it was mad.
[Before we go any further with this story, I would like you to know I identified this snake as non-poisonous in the beginning, and I knew it could fend for itself, so this is why I didn't try to intervene. This was a life experience for Marvin.]
It reared its head and struck near Marvin's paw. He was confused, and being the slightly stupid cat (he's young, we forgive him) he is, he paused, and then reacted.
He smacked the snake on the head.
This is resulted in a basic boxing match between snake and cat, with the snake continuing to strike and Marvin continuing to smack it.
Eventually, Marvin sat on top of it again, and it got away somehow.
So that was the most random event that I have experienced in the last month.
Grevy's Zebra. Andy Warhol.

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