Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chilluns, I'm Back.

For reals this time.
OH MY GOSH GRUMPY CAT HAS A BROTHER! Whoops. Sorry about that.
Hopefully I start posting a bit more regularly, but pssh (rolls eyes), we know that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
But I'm feeling refreshed and reenergized, and I'm ready to party!

Well, my type of partying of course. With Nutella. But in this case hummus because there is a buttload of it in my fridge and also there isn't any Nutella. I ate it on the road.
But I got my hair done did today, ate a lot of soup, and went to fencing last night for the first time in a month (nobody recognized me, but this sort of made me feel B.A for all of two seconds until my instructor was like, "OH, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You look so different! I'm going to take your picture for THE WALL!" Alas, his camera wasn't in his briefcase.)
On my mini vacation, I have decided that I need a new way to end posts, because I miss the finality of it.
I will not be doing poems though, or quotes, because that is just too dang predictable.
I need something new...something fresh... something like........
Ah, screw it, I have no idea. I need Batman to come swoop down and help me with that.
Anyway, I'm coming up with ideas for posts this week and the next, including...
2. Some drawings of me and my new hair (on the little kid program I use on my computer)
3. Outfits I wear?  I can talk about it, but I don't have a camera to show y'all, so that might not work.
4.Music! Basically just some of the songs I've been listening too lately. I've been getting really into action movie soundtracks.
5.Art? Ehh, I don't really know how show this one. I could show you some of the doodles and stuff I've done, along with my favorite artists (BANKSY).
Yeperdoodles. That's all I got for today.
Oh, I guess to end this I'll just say something that happened a little while ago.
So while I was at music camp, I was assigned a practice room that I could go to each morning to practice bassoon. My room was 29, and I basically knew where that was from the year before when I had fought my way downstairs through the throngs of children so I could check my reeds and get a couple notes out before my audition. But as I walked down stairs, I saw that some of the rooms had special signs, and not just  stating who they belonged to. 11 had a big Ocean's Eleven sign on it, and for 9 there was a sign in between it and 10 that said Room 9 and 3/4. So I went to my practice room to see what was special about it, and then I got there. In pencil, upon the sticky note with the number 29, in messy, all-caps writing, it said "HERP-A-DERP-ALICIOUS 29." I stared at it for awhile, grinned stupidly, and went in.
There was also a rotten apple core thingy inside.
Yep, so that's really all for today. I'm stalking the UPS truck with my eyes, hoping it comes to deliver beautiful, brown boxed presents that make me feel like it's Christmas everyday.
Gotta go.

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