Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reviews of Things I Have Tried Recently

I like reviewing things, and when I was younger, I would go onto Barnes and Noble's website and review all of the books that I had just read. I still will go on rages where I review every article of clothing/beauty products I just bought from a website (i.e UO).
But I wanted to just review some stuff I've tried recently, in the category of life.
Lemon Pound Cake Ice Cream
On the way home recently from a nearby state, I stopped with my mom to get ice cream in a small town that I've been to before. Actually, we wanted to go to the café next door to the ice cream place, but it'd just closed (SHOUT OUT TO NIGHT AND DAY CAFE, WHERE THEY HAVE AWESOME EVERYTHING EXCEPT SUNDAY HOURS!). Anyway, we got some ice cream, and I wanted one of the weirder flavors, so I got Lemon Pound Cake Ice Cream. Now, it wasn't vanilla with lemon pound cake chunks, it was lemon ice cream with pound cake pieces and icing swirls. It was okay for the first five minutes, but then it got weird, and I REALLY regretted getting a medium in a waffle cone, which was basically the size of Kentucky. I would give this ice cream 3 stars, but then I take one away because I felt sick after eating it. Also, that was all I ate for dinner.

 Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
I got this a week ago since I had a coupon, and I used it for the first time today. It smells AMAZING, that I actually thought somebody cut open a grapefruit nearby. It feels good on my face, and after using it, I felt pretty clean. Since I haven't seen the effects yet, I'm going to give it four stars for its overall feel.
Amy's Organic Soups: Indian Dal Curried Lentil
I started getting this soup a year ago, and I still love it! Number one, I love all of Amy's foods, and two, this soup is organic and vegan. It tastes really good and my whole house smells like it when I make it in the microwave. It looks sort of weird out of the can, but that doesn't matter and IT'S GOOD FOR THE EARTH! YAAAAAAAY! Five stars!

My Grocery Store
For some reason, when my grocery store finds out I like one of its products, that product disappears months later. These foods include: the hummus I like, my yogurt mango bites, white grapes juice (light), margarita flavored Hola Fruta, a good brand of cheese sticks, my pomegranate lechee green tea, and the soup I just reviewed above.
WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME?!?! No stars, but then I give one for introducing me to all this good food. You win this time...

Oprah Magazine
I'm not in the demographic who reads Oprah. I am a teenager, who gets called a hipster more than once a week. BUT I LOVE OPRAH MAGAZINE! It started showing up at my house once a month for no reason, but then I later learned my mom's friend was getting it for my mom, who didn't really like it. So I took up reading it. They have recipes, beauty tips, outfit ideas, good articles, and enough advertisements to soothe my collaging needs! Oprah is a pretty cool lady as well, and recently they had a whole magazine dedicated to crazy hair, which  made me think of the days when I could suffocate under my hair and couldn't go swimming...... Anyways, I re-read issues all the time, and there's always something new! Four stars!

That's all for today! Get enough sleep and keep believing in yourselves! Because I think I could take up a job as a new revolutionary motivational speaker... or maybe not.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Klimt.

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