Friday, August 9, 2013

Music Prefrences At The Moment

When people ask me who my favorite artist is or favorite song or piece after they learn I love music, I sort of give them a blank stare. How in the world am I supposed to just pick  just one artist, one song to represent all the music I love? A group or piece has it's own emotion, and if you were asked, could you pick your favorite emotion?
So here are a list (duh) of some of the composers, artists, groups, specific songs, and pieces that I have been recently enjoying.
Florence + The Machine
The xx
Lana Del Rey (some of her songs)
Foster The People
Freelance Whales
Amy Winehouse
The Beatles
Julian Smith (both his comedy songs and his more serious works)
Gustav Holst
Antonín Dvořák
Johannes Brahms
Percy Grainger
Violet Hill- Coldplay
Love is Blindness- Jack White (the cover version from U2's original)
Over the Love- Florence + The Machine
Like A Fading Rainbow- Jenny Wilson
Disparate Youth- Santigold
Talk Show Host- Radiohead
Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
No Church in the Wild- Kanye West and Jay Z, ft. Frank Ocean
Moonbeams-Family Band
Theme From WWZ- The Evolved (originally Isolated System by Muse)
Lust for Life- Girls
That's Not My Name- The Ting Tings (my theme song for one year)

Music Videos (along with the songs)
Islands-The xx
Rolling in the Deep- Adele
Bad Girls- M.I.A
Houdini- Foster the People
Back Then- Julian Smith
Cheese Pleasin' Me- Hannah Hart
What do you like listening to? Do you like what I like? Suggestions?
Rubber Duck. Florentijn Hofman.

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