Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Kid Poems

Remember those poems that you'd make as a kid, where each letter in the chosen word would start a description or adjective about the word? I think my childhood was built partly on them. I decided to do a couple.

Making small sounds
Opening space and ideas
Visions appear as if a dream
Erupting even though untouched.
Memories remain of the place before.
Easily beautiful, yet dangerous
Never seen until after
Terminating the idea that came before.

Creating an amazing taste in my mouth.
Has a variety of flavors and types.
Easily one of my favorite foods.
Envelops the pallet.
Struggles to hide in the fridge.
Eagerly I pull it towards me.

Desperately trying to think of something.
Effortlessly, everything leaves my mind.
Remember something, dang it!
Pause is going to last awhile...

The Art of Painting. Vermeer.

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