Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Things in My Room

I'm a pretty random person, so I guess I attract random stuff, such as...
1. A Styrofoam Corncob
2. A Yogurtland Pink Spoon
3. Belize and Canadian coins and dollars
4. A Bird's Nest Filled with Polished Stones
5. 6 Pairs of Shoelaces
6. A Ball Made out of the Wax found on Babel Cheeses
7. A Glass Bottle with a Hole in it, A Candle sticking out the Top
8. Two Half-Full Bags of Cupcake Goldfish
9. 2 Empty Hornets' Nests
10. 8 Small Plastic Bags of Wool
AND MORE! But this is all I could think of. Or actually find to check.

Self-Portrait in a brown hat. Rippl-RĂ³nai.

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