Sunday, August 4, 2013


Whoo! Go fun title that I came up with instantaneously because I had no idea what this post was going to be about!
I enjoy going with the idea of the moment.
I was doodling yesterday, and I was trying to draw a cartoon version of me, but then I ended up doodling some more so I got four chicas instead of just one.
The girl second to the left was the one I was meaning to look the most like me, wearing a dress based on  the one I recently got on sale from Urban Outfitters that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!
I also learned that Marvin's mouth upside down is one of the scariest things I've seen in awhile.
Well, this is right side up so turn your head sort of sideways or something.
Anyway, back when I was a little kid, after I gave up being a manatee trick trainer, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I even made up this character named Pango, who was a penguin, and even drew a strip for him. I wonder where it is now?
Maybe if I find it I'll try to scan it and put it up here for all y'all to see.
But how is life for everyone?
I still need to finish some summer assignments, and practice bassoon, and get ready for the next two weeks where I will be super duper busy.
THEN IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL, and I'm pretty sure I' m one of the few children in the universe who enjoys going back to school.
But I'm okay with it.
For the ending of each post (at least for August), I have decided to end with a piece of artwork, just because I enjoy staring at art as much as I enjoy educating people about it in the easiest and most non-annoying way possible.
What I'm calling "NO BALL GAMES". Bansky.
Write to y'all later.

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