Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm A Bit Agressive

Hey, kids. It's talk-about-my-life-time.
I'm sort if aggressive. Not in the way that you say something behind my back and I'll push you to the ground, but more like I'm so excited and intrigued by almost everything that I end up being over the top.
And while this is a good thing, it can also be bad.
For some reason, in most sports I'm not aggressive at all. But in fencing, I want to win and please my coaches, and I'm excited about learning new tricks to become better. In forensics it's sort of the same thing.
One time, I said "popple" instead of paper in finals. I was so mad at myself that I let my team mate and coaches down that I aggressively sulked about it and felt horrible for the rest of the day. Then there was a fire and we had to leave the building, so it left my mind for a few hours. AND THEN WE WON FIRST, and then I sort of forgot about it.
When I see people I know and love, I will sprint over to them and jump up and down and use my whole body to express how happy I am to see them, instead of using a smile or a simple, "Hey."
I guess the aggressiveness is more like excitement, but it is so extreme and in your face that it either freaks the heck out of people or sort of draws them towards me.
If I had to do debates often in class or even forensics, I think I would explode because I would not be able to keep all my arguments and statements inside of me before I talked out of turn.
I just want to do all the things that make me happy in the best possible way.
So yeah, I like share-care time. Maybe you feel like this? Maybe not.

The Family. Diego Rivera.

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